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The Immortal Calamity - A High Paced Action Adventure Story

Many years ago, the world was ruled by a powerful empress.  The empress was incredibly powerful, and feared by all.  It was said that even death itself would bend to her whim.  With a single wave of her hand, she could raise the dead to fight at her command.  The pale, glowing, green eyes of her shambling undead struck fear into even the most hardened soldiers.  For centuries, the empress ruled absolute.  Until one day, a great hero rose up to stand against the empress.

Decades later, the empress is reborn into the body of a small child.  Follow her as she comes to terms with her new life.  Will she once again walk the road of revenge and power, or will her new family show her a better path?  Will any of them survive long enough to find out?  Only time can tell.

Updates every day with a new chapter.  

The support i have gotten so far from this community is amazing and inspires me to keep writing.  I hope that together we can make an adventure worth remembering.  Check out my novel and tell me what you think and how I can continue to improve my writing.

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A battle shonen story I have been working on for a while now.

Aniro entrusted the first chief to find his father. She entrusted watching over the village and raising Aniro to her husband. Unwilling to take further advantage of the couple’s kindness, Aniro entrusts himself to become a warrior strong enough to navigate the dangerous world and find his mother.

*If you love weak to strong battle shonen stories then give this a try!*

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Hi/Hello/Or other equivalent greetings paired with a colloquial newfangled pronoun that appealed to your target audience (preferably something relatable or straight plucked up from urban dictionary).

Affectation, something that exudes cheeriness (even your story is a mood, especially if your story is a mood).

One-liner description of who you are. No, not your real self, your cherry-picked, relatable self. Something along the line of students, readers, gamers, office workers, stay-at-home mothers, someone that dredge themselves on 8-5 by choice, any occupation, inclination, or whatever in-group that caught their emotional response before their intellectual response, anything that makes you fell into 'one of us' instead of 'one of them.' Why do you think politicians started to dress in casual clothing? People want someone awesome that they could project themselves toward (even if they themselves obviously don't have any qualification to be).

Synopsis/Introduce your story here:

Insert something relatable. Either something the audience could surrogate into, likely to be interested into, or an obvious plot device that differs your story from the thousands other on the site. If all else fails, a good cover will help. In order of selling: Sex, a human being awesome and edgy with a good background (male), a human being cute with a good background (female), a human being cute but also badass and also with a good background (female), an allusion of your story that makes your audience thinks they're clever, something so awful that people couldn't help but click it (drawn with a 2b pencil or Ms. Paint), any good cover you commissioned an artist, any good cover you use in fair use (read: not please contact me if you want to be taken down), and any good cover that Google said matched your keywords

Link to your story (because, duh)

Closing Affectation (something that reminds the audience there is a human being behind this line of text that obviously trying to sell them stuff. Either repeat the same opening affectation's mood or be passive-aggressive (in a cute way!) so they got guilt-tripped into reading your story, win-win either way)

Some form of gratitude (even though you don't feel like it or feel they don't deserve it. It doesn't matter. People gave their time of day, a whole two minutes. Two minutes of their life to read your ads. Even Youtube only asked 5 seconds. That kind of sacrifice deserves thanks dammit! What? You revised this stuff twenty-eight times and it took you three nights to finish it off? Well, so do the rest of the people who wants their story known!)


Hi, peeps!

I like to introduce you to my new awesome isekai story! It contains twists! And science!

So I've been a longtime reader of the fantasy genre, like long long, supeeeeer long. Maybe ten years, twelve years? I don't know. Does Aesop count? Should it be? Well, if you count only the isekai stuff, then the ten years something should be about right. Anyway, I thought, well, it's about time I write something, right?

Thus, I present to you (drum roll please!)

Tales of an Unlikely Wizard!


So what is it about you may ask?

Well, it's about a young man (age undisclosed due to gender equality) who got isekaied! In this brand new world of grand expanse he was blessed with cheats, got to live in a mansion, something something PTSD, and able to use magic! Awesome, right?!

Anyway, if you guys want to give it a try, here's the link (you could also click the cover, or the banner in the signature, there's a lot of places you could click, you could even click it here, or here, or even here. Please click. Please.):

Thank you for reading my story! Your reading (even without following or rating it*) means a lot to me.

*Wink, wink

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Alright, minute elevator pitch. Let's go!

Do you like any of the following:

Archaic Language
Wondrous Magic Systems
Weird Magic
Vivid Descriptions
Pretentious Toss
Slow Stories
Overly-complicated pantheons

Then you might like my book, Drinker of the Yew

Here's the blurb

Wracked with misfortune, a nameless village along the edge of the Gray Spine rejoiced at the arrival of a paladin. Those celebrations, though, turned to wary tension as the paladin brought an unknown into their midst - his wife Nayinis, who wears the markings of a necromancer. Who is this woman? Why has she come to their village? Nayinis divulges her shadowed past, for she needs the village's trust to defeat the powerful foe that she has been summoned by the divine to face.

Updates Once a Week!

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Law of Cultivation: acquire and retain resources.
To acquire resources: plunder and pillage.
To retain resources: Leave none Alive.

In Semeria, the war for cultivation resources is as old as time and as constant as the rising and of the sun. Even in the Abandoned Region, where the energy was so poor and polluted that one wouldn’t send their worst enemy there, had an endless conflict. Humans had been living in this nightmare made a reality, fighting over what anyone else on the continent would consider crumbs.

Enter Xasha, husband, father, patriarch, Genius, artificer, creationist, and leader of the Falling Stardust Trading Company learns the truth from remnant souls on a journey. Having learned they had been living like frogs in a well, humanity unites under Xasha’s rule and sets off. Determined to rise from their standing and one day rule the entire continent.

Xasha soon realizes their combined power was the weakest on the continent and to become stronger, they needed better resources. But all the lands had masters and all the resources had owners. He had to join the war, annex, plunder, pillage, and protect. Thus, the Laws of cultivation.


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Alright then, let me pretend to be a herald for a minute DrakanSmug
Hear, hear o ye good people of Royal Road!
Here's lord Grimdux's story...

A young provincial thief of no particular renown has his life of crime changed in a day. He ‘stumbles’ upon a huge pile of gold for starters and soon after a dead man carrying a letter of 'royal' interest. Literally. While at it he ‘earns’ a title of sorts, along the promise of a life out of the gutter. Before he can properly appreciate the dramatic turn of his fortunes, he’s drawn into a dangerous conspiracy that threatens to embroil two continents in a devastating war.
The whole affair seems to cry out for a gallant hero of old, or failing that a cunning diplomat, but he’s neither. Perhaps a lying scoundrel, which our lad definitely is, would have to suffice. He does ‘acquire’ a dagger that knows a dead language after all and that must count for something.

Quote: First 3 chapters will be uploaded immediately.
After that there will be updates every five days.  

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Hi all, 

My name's Ben and my story, Superworld, is up now on Royal Road -

I'm good at self-promotion like my baby dog's good at shitting where he's supposed to, which is to say begrudging and resistant to it, as well as generally bad. But regardless, hear me out. 

'Superworld'' is a story about a world where everyone has superpowers. It's an alternate history and follows a young man, Matt Callaghan, forty or so years after the superhuman advent, as he navigates through a world where the impossible is not only possible, but mundane. Matt is unique in that he does not have a power, but has thus far managed to avoid anyone finding out by pretending to be clairvoyant through a combination of cold-reading, good planning, and outright lies. All Matt wants to do is fly under everyone's radar, but unfortunately his lying soon has him intertwined with Jane Walker, a mal-adjusted young woman able to copy other people's powers.

A loving homage to and twist on the superhero genre, Superworld is a fun, subversive story about identity, empathy, connection and courage. If you're a fan of superheroes, adventure stories, juvenile delinquency or the supernatural, or are just in the mood for a fun tale to take you to better places, give Superworld a try, and enjoy what one commentator called "the best snark since Eoin Colfer" (which is high bloody praise indeed). 

Thanks for reading.

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Do you like horror? Romance? Intrigue? Corporate dystopia? I have just the story for you!

Heartthrob is the tale of a stressed and depressed secretary named Esper James Price-Wynnfield; she lives in the city of Vitus, a veritable hell-hole of shadowy back-alleys, public unrest, and corporate law. She works a cushy but otherwise unimpactful job that leaves her feeling unfulfilled and powerless against the slowly crumbling society she finds herself in, her inability to control her own fate leading her to strike out towards the bread and circuses that blind the populace around her. In essence, she's a modern-day wage worker. Just one small difference.

Esper James is dead. UN-dead, in fact. She's not the only one - Vitus is filled with them, and the number grows almost daily. Vampires, ghouls, zombies, ghasts, and even more obscure strains of bio-engineered living-dead compose nearly a third of the populace. They go about their lives much like they did when they were alive, save for suppressants to hold back their feral urges for flesh and blood. However, things are starting to sour between the living and the dead. 

The undead (or 'Second-Living') are faster, stronger, and more instinctual than normal humans - vampires, the highest and most 'perfect' form of them, are particularly charismatic and intelligent to boot. However, the human populace still greatly outnumbers their dead counterparts, and they're growing tired of the way the undead seem to flex their superiority at every turn. Small conflicts and spats grow into protests, social unrest, and spontaneous violence on both sides. Vitus finds itself hurtling towards change, for better or for worse, and average citizens just trying to survive will soon find themselves required to make a choice.

Heartthrob is a Romance Horror Sci-fi Psych-Thriller and really just so much more; it sounds a bit overwhelming, but I promise, this is only the half of it. If you love the dead, the undead, and themes of strength through adversity and personal development, I encourage you to give it a try!

Warning! This series contains plenty of Mature Content in all stripes and styles, so please be aware before indulging! Tsang Solutions thanks you for your cooperation!

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I just posted my first three chapters last week, so go ahead and take a look. I've added the link to my signature. Right now it's a coming of age story, but I have designs on a long series..

Freya Uki wanted to raise chickens and make a life for herself apart from her family. Maybe she'd become a midwife like her grandmother, or maybe she'd become a hermit who lived in the swamp.
Unfortunately for her, her mother has ambitions to regain the social standing lost after her grandmother married outside the gentry. Only becoming the most eligible debutante of the season will do, with the most suitors vying for her hand. Coalition officers? Druids? A rabbit captain of the scouts?
Freya has no idea what she is getting into. 
In which a mouse navigates the decisions in her life.
Redmist Updates Monday, Wednesday And Friday.

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Northmen Saga

"I can judge friend or foe. I know which one is a big wolf, which one is a small dog, and which one is a small dog who only pretends to be a big wolf. You, big wolf."

William, a young blacksmith, had promised his mother not to go to the Northern Land and find out about his father's killer. But when he killed several bandits by the river, he had no choice but to flee north and finally revealed the secrets of his parents and origins.

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The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE is a nostalgic throwback to the Silver Age of Comic Books. Reminiscent of the old Hanna-Barbera/Filmation cartoons of the 1960s and 70s, this 8 episode miniseries tells about the various adventures of Blue Eagle and his sidekick, Switch the Blue Eaglet, as they protect the people of Herald City from the evil Queen Venus.

This is part of a much larger project I'm working on.

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The Sultan of Darshuun, Book #4 in The Jinni and the Isekai series!

With the help of Ali and Debaku, Shiro has found the top-tier adventurer, Razul in the dungeon of Azurbadan. Now with the strength to fight Darius and his Scorpion Guard, it is time for the group to come up with a plan to get into the Sultan’s Palace to find the lamp and rescue Jessamine.

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It's ya boy, Proxy's saga! Here ta promote me work, check it out...! Don't ask me why I'm speaking like this, I have no idea why. But I hope some of you will give it a look.


Proxy is a battle-loving, but well-meaning delinquent. In contrast, his best friend Richard is studious and opposed to violence.

One night, while attending a concert together, chaos erupts. In the middle of the performance, the black Grimoire in their possession rips open a portal to another world and drags them inside.

Stranded in a foreign place, they must adapt to survive. Powerful foes lurk around every corner and only together can they persevere. On the planet called Holy Lands, their fate hangs in the balance.

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Category: African Fantasy

Path of the Invincible Dragon

In the Sunken Zika world where the light of the Purple Star shines, Mwana Jua begins his path on the Way of the Warrior just like his ancestors did. He dreams of becoming a Crystal Warrior just like every other child, but he soon comes to realize that there is much more to power the higher he climbs. His journey is not just to be the greatest, but to bring happiness to his family, to support his love and to fulfil his teacher's greatest dream. He embarks on a journey that crosses life and death spanning across the realms of Demons, Dragons, Magic, and even Gods.

Updates: Daily
1 Chapter per day

What to expect from my story:
- African Fantasy Setting with ancient traditions, weapons, and creatures.
- Some cultivation elements
- Magic and Spirituality
- Multiple inter-connected power-systems in one story.
- Average to Strong MC. The MC is not a weakling nor are they a genius, they are just averagely good.
- Minor elements of romance.
- Military/Army and Kingdom Building.
- Magic Academy.
- Action, Adventure, and Comedy.
- Politics.

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Hello. I'll be promoting my new story:

A successful 21st-century billionaire that fell in the hands of the corrupt government. Once a prominent figure who ruled with money and owned a company operating in all sectors across Earth.
What would Rex do when he got the memory of such a figure?
With gigantic cosmic beasts roaming the galaxy whole, Rex was left with no choice but to use all of him to survive and escape to the space crack where the creature came from.
Rex, now stranded in an unknown solar system, was forced to descend to a nearby planet. To a planet that was home to a prosperous human civilization with deep secrets and the inhabitants mastering catalyst magic to boot.
In this puzzling world of sword and magic, accompanied by a genius scientist, Liz, and several comrades he will find across his journey, will Rex survive and rise to prominence, or will he fail and suffer the same fate as his predecessor?
Rex was sure of one thing. His future wouldn’t be smooth sailing and ordinary in any way.
This is a Science Fiction Fantasy story set in a Middle Ages setting with ranging technology levels.
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