I'm having a real hard time deciding how many words a chapter should have before its in the green area and my story is new so I really don't know whether I should have shorter but many chapters or longer but few chapters, since I'm looking for the story to get some traction it'd make sense to do the former but it doesn't sit right with me to just write one chapter of let's say maybe 15K words yet release it in two parts in the span of a weeks or so

I used to write a fanfiction that caught a lot of attention in wattpad that sits now in around 130K views and around 500K words with some chapters reaching more than 20K words so I wasn't really thinking about getting more views as opposed to just seeing how the same people enjoyed each chapter especially when they themselves said that they preferred longer chapters

But now since i'm starting over I genuinely have no idea on how many words each chapter should have to get some balance between content and exposure, any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance

Re: Wordcount

There really isn't any firm rule on chapter length. On average though, most readers tend to find below 1k words too short and above 10k words too long. I tend to aim for no lower than 1.5k, but, preferably, 2.5-3.5k word count per chapter. Really though, it's however long it needs to be. I aim for at least two scenes per chapter and end the chapter wherever it feels the most natural (or use the 'this is probably where there would be a commercial break' method).

Re: Wordcount

More important than a chapter's length is a proper chapter break. Don't end a chapter in the middle of an action scene, or in the middle of a conversation. Close the chapter with a hook or a scene change, using some sort of resolution. 

Books are broken into chapters to entice further reading, and to offer structure. Web novels, by design, require a faster pace and shorter chapters than a standard printed book. It's too easy for a reader to click away to soemthing else, or to page forward to the ending of a chapter when things go on for too long.

Use a faster pace and shorter chapters if you want to retain web novel readers. But the rules for ending chapters properly still applies -- a hook, a change of scenery and/or a resolution.