Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

 Ex. Trailer for Incarnation Saga, Book 1: The War of the Crystals

 *Dramatic music plays* 

Narrator: Have you ever wondered what happened before the beginning? 

The hands of a clock hasten backward as events around the world start to unravel before they happened through time.

Narrator: Before the Fall of Rome, before the Babylonian Empire, before Adam and Eve, there were the glorious angels.  Among the highest in rank were Lucifer and his sister, Selena.

*the sound of a scratching record as the dramatic music stops*

Selena, a two year old angel, argues with Lucifer *screaming*: "You're a mean, mean, MEAN LULU!!!" 

Lucifer: Stop calling me 'Lulu!'

Narrator: Welcome to the angelic royal family of Solaria, the Sun Kingdom. They're magical.  They're fantastic. They're learning about nature?

Selena: ...And it's so beautiful. Look, it's amazing!

Lucifer: That's called a tree. 

Selena: A tree! I want to name her, Treena!

Narrator: They don't always understand each other.  In fact, they hardly ever do. 

Selena: Why are you playing connect the dots with the stars?

Lucifer: I'm not playing connect the dots! I'm mapping out constellations!

Narrator: But they don't hate each other.  

Selena *with firmness*: Leave my brother alone. 

Lucifer*demanding*: What did you do to my sister?!

Narrator: But when Lucifer's wife starts planting ideas about kidnapping the Michael the Archangel to blackmail him into imparting almighty cosmic power, both Selena and Lucifer must choose between family ties and loyalty to everything an angel is supposed to believe in.  

Read Incarnation Saga Book One: The War of the Crystals.  Chapters 1-16 available on

Rated PG-13 for Fantasy Violence, Violence, and Controversial Themes.


Satan*looking grumpy*: How comes I'm not in the trailer?

Michael the Archangel *arms crossed*: No one would want to watch the movie if you were in the trailer, Satan. 

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

Wayfinder - I imagine turning my arcs into different movies.

From the same minds that brought you titles great titles like Truth Seeker, and Wizard's Tower. 
We present our direct to DvD backdoor pilot for Beyond Average; Wayfinder One: Ratcatchers of Belrond

Quote:The sun rises over a rye field as halfling and humans use sickles and scythes to gather the harvest. The camera pans down and slowly turns to show a young man looking up from his work, wiping sweat off his forehead, turned towards a road in the distance. Three adventurers in armor and wielding weapons march along the trail looking driven as they walk with purpose. 

"Adventurers. The Guild controls the system of this world, only those reincarnated from other worlds, chosen by gods, or who cultivated immense power have been permitted to join the guild and use the system. They protect the villages, they slay monsters, and they face great danger."

Quote:The camera cuts showing extended frames of the young farmer running into the barn, grabbing a bag strapped with adventuring equipment, and even picks up a shovel on his way out the door. He runs out the barn towards the road. Smiling ear to ear as he chases after the adventurers. 

"Those operating outside the guild only bring death down on their villages. They attract more enemies, they get themselves hurt, and they disrupt the natural cycle. These fools who stir the lairs of monsters are known as Ratcatchers. The lowest scum in the world is the commoner who tries to quest without a system. They only bring death."

Quote:The camera cuts between several disturbing images. A disembodied head with elven ears is held by the hair. Blood dripping into the soil below it. The bodies of kobolds and goblins are stacked in large piles. A ball of fire from the sky crashes through the roof of a barn. A cyclops swings a massive axe through the dark space of a cave. 

"And with death. The world grows darker." 

Quote:The young fieldhand looks at the camera with a grimace, blood splattered across his face, holding the handle of a shovel. The head of the shovel is just below frame. He pulls the shovel towards him with a jerking motion. There is a sound of flesh squelching and there is a slight spray of blood as the camera falls back leaving just the image of a cave roof above. 

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.


*All is pitch black.*

Adam: I suppose I've died then. 

Belle: It was an unfortunate circumstance. 

*Adam steps out into the world to see a world from his wildest imaginations.*

Adam: I'm here to become an adventurer. 

*Camera reveals Adam with full chain mail, eyes full of hope.*

*Camera cuts to him carrying a rock with ease, sparring with a middle-aged veteran of the guild, and then him summoning flames from his hand.*

*A young man donned within furs shakes Adam's hand.*

Jurot: I'm Jurot of the Iyr.

*The pair are cutting through rats as Jurot speaks.*

Jurot: I travelled with my father and we slew one together. 

???: Which one of you insufferable adventurers stole my prize?

*A roar echoes and a bear is revealed. They fight it together as the voice over continues.*

???: You will grovel before me for forgiveness!

*Adam and this villainous stranger face off against one another and then step forward to come to blows. It cuts to black.*

Adam: Jurot... Jurot.

*The camera pans over a small town within the mountains. Beautiful and idyllic.*

Adam: I will bring him home.

Older Man: We follow the path of old, where blood spilt is not blood wasted.

Little Boy: You must beat the unsigned, elf who does not dream.

*We see Adam almost nude as the fire illuminated him. He's wearing a tattoo and is filled with anger and sadness.*

Adam: Then you'd better sing loudly.

*Adam fights a much larger opponent and falls into the fire.*

Adam: Next time we meet, I'll be sure to bring some tea and biscuits.

*The camera cuts back to blackness.*

*We see Adam picking herbs nonchalantly.*

*The camera cuts to fighting a bunch of bandits.*

*The camera cuts to fighting a bunch of undead.*

Adam: Will he return?

Female: If you fight well.

Adam: I will.

*Adam stands up in the flames.*

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

"Are they gone, Arty?" the girl asks, as the black background transitions to a shot of an alley. Two people can be seen running through it, gasping for breath as the streetlights flicker.

And then turning black again.

"Feel for yourself," the boy replies, as the scene changes to an overview of a mountain range, spanning far into the distance. Music starts to play as a group of people can be seen traversing through the harsh terrain in a long line, keeping in step to avoid being left behind.

"Hands up, now!" a garbled voice can be heard, as the pair is shown once again, kneeling on the ground with their hands stretched forward. Ahead of them, a group of men in black armour form a uneven semi circle, guns pointed at the two. 

"The Crimson Night has done a number to not just them, but us too," the scene changing to an aged man standing over a table, a map of the country spawled over it. "We can no longer assume we can talk terms with them."

This Summer, the scene changes to a burning city, where the boy from earlier can be seen running through, a horde of monsters chasing him. From the producers of "Does it matter?" and "Cry Wolfe," comes a story of a pair of twins as they run away from crimes they never committed.

The scene suddenly cuts over to the boy from earlier standing over the girl's body. Shock and despair overwhelming him as the monsters caught up to him, mauling away at his flesh where he stood. A teardrop streaming down the girl's face as his view finally gets obscured.  Cold. Afraid. Alone.

Where are they to run, when men in black are hunting them down?

"Arthur!" the same girl's voice can be heard, screaming into the darkness, just as the Title Card shows the name of the Movie: "Descent."

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

*Dramatic Music Plays*

Narrator: The world has advanced into the future. It is the year 2600. There are mechanical suits used for warfare, and the world is nothing like we know it.

A train flies in the sky, and children are watching the scenery as the train travels. 

"I am Brian. I have lost almost everything in life. My goal... is too never let anyone in my country go through what I have been through."

Narrator: There are ruthless rulers.

Ashok, Alex, Hannibal, Isabell and Marcus appear sitting at their thrones!

Narrator: Also, some Psychopaths.

A random character: "Where you looking at, MORON?!"

Narrator: There's also the handsome who cannot marry

A random character: I made a bet with my friend when I was young, and according to the bet he had to marry first.

Others: Then?

"Then what. He died before marrying, and now I can never marry.

Narrator: Welcome to the future, with War, Rebellion, Love, Regrets, Revenge, Friendship and Death. In a world where the world leaders are fighting to become the strongest, and Brian strives to achieve his goal. Welcome to the 'Armoured World.'

Read 'Armoured World' now on Royal Road. Chapters 1-8 now available, with a new chapter coming out everyday.


Random Character who cannot marry: "I want to marry. Why can't only I have a love life?"

Everyone else: "We can still change you to a gay, if you are fine with that."

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

A lone, young man sits on a wheelchair, and plays xiangqi seemingly with himself. 
A piece moves on the gameboard on its own.

Quote:In this world there have and have nots....
And I had everything....

A flash to a peaceful village overlooked by twin hills. Humans and demihumans cheering, people wearing fancy cultivation robes training, and the young man, still walking on both legs, fooling around.

Quote:That day, everything was taken from me, my body broken...

Another xiangqi piece moved. Flash to a burning village, fire projectiles showering the night, a supernatural storm...

Quote:A treaty meant to bring eternal peace to the land, broken....

Another piece moved. Flash of the mountain of corpses, a burning city, an army of cultivators marching, monstrous abominations born in some underground lab....

Then the scene changes. It's day again, a young girl with wolf ears and a boy with ram horns travel the land, playing pranks on each other and joking around. 
The girl takes out a weird amulet, and explains to the boy: "This is a magical artifact, with the help of which I can manipulate qi. Once we reach the Spire, I'm sure they will teach you too!". The boy shakes his head in disbelief, but says nothing and follows. 

The final shot portrays a ruined temple, deep within bamboo forests, an unscathed black spire standing proud among the rubble. 

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.


Two boys, part-timers, perched on crates just outside the bar they work at. The taller one is reading through an old scary book.

Tall guy: "Hah."

MC: "What's so funny?"

Tall guy: "Demons don't exist. You know how I know this?" The MC looks back at him. “Because if they did, a succubus would’ve visited me by now. I mean, according to the logic of the lore, right?”

MC nods. The tall one scoffs and throws the book towards the MC, and he fails to catch it miserably.

MC: “I’m like two feet away from you,”

Tall guy: “You’re the one who doesn’t know how to catch.”

MC: “And you can’t throw.”

"Our Perfect Disease" by The Wombats plays.

The MC, the tall guy, and a sturdy girl sit by the docks at night looking up at the stars.

Tall guy: “You are going to be a fantastic doctor someday, okay? You really need to cool down with all the medical stuff. You’ll get to the top, there’s no need to rush or force it, why can’t you be happy with the skills you have now?”

MC: "What skills?"

Tall guy: "How many times do I have to remind you? With all the Black Souls and Monster World trivia championships you’ve won? You can name all three hundred monsters for crying out loud!"

“It’s all useless!”

We cut to a Sanctum where a choir of angels are reunited. Scene flashes of angels battling by a riverbank and in the Sanctum.

Girl’s voice: "The Tainted Generation frisk between both sides of the spectrums of magic, they dance with souls of the holy and the damned kind, it’s all games for them."

Scene flashes of various hands making elaborate hand gestures as they emanate colorful mystical aura.

Girls voice: “They saved souls occasionally, only to satiate their morbid curiosity in the supernatural and liked to dub themselves as Healers but were nothing more than cosmic criminals.”


Cut to the MC seated next to a purple-eyed girl in a kitchen.

Purple-eyed Girl: “You. Me. Ugo. And 8 other lucky bastardos are part of the Fourteenth Tainted Generation of Healers.”

MC: “What.”

The MC, tall guy, and the sturdy girl wander a massive occult library.

Purple-eyed Girl (Voice-over): “Doctors, physicians, exorcists, necromancers, enchanters, diviners, vicars… The angels don’t like us.”

Scene flashes of angels being hostile and then a close up of a guileless-looking, wide-eyed blonde girl.

Cut to the MC, tall guy, and sturdy girl in a medieval hospital lobby.

MC: “Oh, maybe this is a test.”

Sturdy girl glares at the MC: “A test for what?”

Tall guy: “To prove our worth!”  He continues, “If we save this angel’s life, then we all get a guaranteed ticket to Heaven, right? Or like, a ‘get out of Hell for free card.’ I lowkey still want to see some demon babes.”

MC stares blankly as sturdy girl shakes her head.

"Hanuman" by Rodrigo y Gabriela plays. Cut to Cafeteria:

Tall guy: “It’s not just people who get sick, y’know. Angels are real, demons are real, magic is real. What else could your grandmother be right about? Unicorns, fairies, werewolves, vampires, succubi… mermaids… catgirls”. He shares a look with the others. “Let’s publicly reopen the hospital of mysticism!”

Narrator: If you thought hospitals were scary...

Tall guy points at a flaming sky. “Seriously, how is that, an angel?!”

Every character saying the MC’s name in their own way (“Zeke!”, “Mano!”, “Ezequias!”, “Rulitos!”, “Dr. Rosario.”, “Hezekiah...") until we show him standing in a river, all soaked, covered in bruises, flinty look in eyes, and slowly raising his hands to make a peculiar hand sign.



Post-Trailer scene:

A beam of gray flames shoots into the sky.

MC and Tall guy (in strange getups) gape up at it with vacant looks.

Tall guy: "Did you just end the world?"

MC: "Hey, you gave me the green light, you’re just as to blame.”

Tall guy shrugs. “Welp, after God recreates the world, I wonder how they’ll depict us in the new Bible.”

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

*Silence. The camera pans from high above, across a vast army of blackened sludge creatures. Drums start to play epically. Maybe a soft guitar riff. The sun rises in the far horizon, and an army of barbarians in leather and skimpy chainmail appears, led by this one chick with red hair and a really stupidly big sword. Camera pans in on her eyes as she stares at their enemies. Her robot unicorn mount snorts and says "neigh" in a really dark baritone voice.*


An old man in chainmail mankini walks through a raided, blackened military camp with a young child with red hair. 

Old man: Granddaughter. What is best in life? 

*The woman points her hugely dumb sword at the sludge creatures.*

Child: ... uhm... to drive your enemies before you and hear the lamentations of their women? 

*Armies clash. Voices roar. Music picks up.*

Old man: What? You are seven years old, who the fuck told you tha- no, wait, I can already guess. I shall have your brothers mouth washed with soap when we return. Sigh. No. That's silly. Why would the best thing in life be something that comes back to bite you in the arse after a decade? Forget you ever even heard that. 

Child: So, what's best in life? 

Old man: It is glory. 

*Army warcries*

Child: What is glory?

*Armies clash. Hooves thunder. Spells fall. Monsters rise. Monsters die.*

Old man: Well, you know that little voice in your head that sometimes tells you that you're about to do something stupid, but you're tempted to do it anyway?

Child: Uh..

Old man: Remember that one time your brother dared you to steal your moms candy? And you did it, and it was that flavor you don't even like?

Child: .... 

Old man: In this life, you just listen to that little voice. If you know something is wrong, then don't do the thing. 

*The sun rises on the battlefield*

Old man: Life might be quite complicated. Yet it's all really that simple. You just listen to what you know is right... not to what anyone else tells you is right, but your own values... 

*Music picks up. Flashes of colorful dragons clashing in the air, meteors streaking across burning skies, flying metal sharks with lazer eyes descending upon the army of sludge creatures.*

*Woman cleaves the screen in two. Fade to black.*

Old man: ... then glory will always come to find you. 

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

<<Trailer 1 (and excerpt)>>
***The Camera fades from black into a subway station platform as panic breaks around it. People are passing the camera by, as more and more people vacate the premises.***

Male voice 1: "So, there is a disobedient one, eh? How should I punish you?" 

MC's voice: "Oh, why yes, Mr. I don't know your name. I think I need to be naughty every once in a while, so as to not to bore myself, you see?"

*** The camera grows closer and closer to that sound. it seems to be in a hurry***

MC's voice: "What will you do to me, Mr. villain? Try and burn me? Torture me? Or use me as an example?"

*The sound of a crackling flame can be heard, as the camera is nearing the subway cart*

Male voice 1: "You know what? That’s not a bad idea at all. Maybe I should open a wound and cauterize it,"

Mc's voice: "I have the balls to take it."

*** The camera manages to enter the subway, to see two men laughing. One is a burning man with oily black hair and piercing yellow eyes. Other is wearing a light brown haired young man with a green tinted visor. The camera looks down as the laughter dies down, as if taking a deep breath, but when it looks up again, the camera lingers, no longer bound by the POV character. This shows a new man, one in a pristine white costume, to whom the man in the green visor gives his full attention at***

MC: Mr. Hero, you are late to the party, could you please take Mr. Villain away

***The white hero's fist connect with the villain's face, sending crashing to the other side of the train. The hero makes a pose, but the man in the green visor dismisses him. However the camera lingers on the man in green as the hero runs to fight the villain. This is the protagonist, Shindo East, and he can only sit and sigh in disdain at the current situation. As he shoves his head back***

-- TITLE APPEARS as a groan escapes Shindo East: "Gadgeteer's Arc 1: "The Sketchy invitation" -- 

***Fade to black, but two voices can be heard***

Female voice: "Geez, so cold! Many people would've been elated to hear this!"

Shindo East: "Not me." 

Female voice: "No interest in heroism, hm? You are making yourself more interesting by the second Mr. East!"

--TITLE: Story available only on Royalroad--
--Cut, end trailer--

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

Slow classical music plays, a subtle close-up of Terra, whose surface is covered mainly in yellowish-white.

[Title Drop: SAGA OF THE COSMIC HEROES against a backdrop of the Milky Way.

Several shots of soldiers firing from barricaded cover are shown in between, a projective zips overhead their position: an explosion.

A few subsequent shots from a different perspective, Federation soldiers swarm and bayonet their enemies.

The scene changes to Victoria and Friederika holding onto a railing as the latter points to the sky saturated with Federation ships heading into space

Two shots of Federation ships getting struck by their portside and sinking in a fiery explosion.

Victoria and Alexandra nonchalantly marching in army gear in a hilly environment.

A few Federation ships unleashing missile spam.

A ship's bridge getting blown to a fiery heckin smithereens.

Li getting grabbed by the collar by Dong Zhui, screaming at her with bulging eyes.

A shot of Jung Lee walking away with a hoe over his shoulder, looking back at the viewer with puzzlement.

A Federation ship struck by a projectile, then sinks and crashes into another Federation ship, exploding spectacularly.

Victoria clinging to commander Buttermilch by the wrist collar, looking at him offscreen nervously.

Li extending an arm out, as ships behind her cockpit unleash an artillery barrage at targets offscreen.

[The music and screen fade out.]

A gradual fade-in to a Victoria reaching down and grabbing her garrison cap, placing it on her head, and reluctantly adjusting it a little. Vicky opens her eyes, a stint of determination but uncertainly.

[A quick transition to the SAGA OF THE COSMIC HEROES title as the trailer ends]

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

Minor spoilers for whats to come in my story, just to let anyone know if they want to read it.  Unless if you want insight into what I'm planning, or just don't care, I recommend reading the story first.

A piano plays in the background, overlooking a depressing city encompassed in tower walls.

Female voice:  "The tower calls people to climb..."

City fades to an open field filled with grass, flowers, and tress as the piano begins a transition from a dark tone to a lighter one.

Female voice:  "And the people that see it is filled with hope."

The field fades and overlooks a castle, the piano growing ever lighter in tone.

Female voice:  "But why?

The castle fades and the camera points downward on a mountain top with a single, blue flower in the center.

Female voice:  "What is up there."

The mountain fades and the camera points to a sign that reads Regal Tower, the piano hits a climax and abruptly stops.

Female voice, dramatically yelling:  "I'm climbing the tower."

A violin plays in the background as the scene returns to the dark city.  A man(Kauss) and woman(Helona) are in a house, talking with each other.

Kauss : "I thought we should head to the mansion together."

Helona: "Sure."

Guns fire in the distance.  Kauss and Helona are in chase after two shooters.  More gunfire, then the camera slowly pans to an elevator on a hill.

Shooter 1:  "What is the point in living if you don't make a difference."

The camera quickly pans upward toward the next floor, a field of flowers and unidentifiable monsters.

Shooter 1:  "There may be no future within this tower yet..."

The camera pans up another floor, exposing the castle with guards in front of the entrance doors.  A woman looks at the camera from a window on the castle's second floor.

Shooter 1: "But we can create a future."

The camera pans up again and points upward at a mountain top like a child looking up at an adult at their legs. A woman is on her knees, holding a small boy.

Shooter 1: "All you have to do is find meaning."

The camera comes all the way back down, the background blurring until it stops as three people, two men and a woman, look up at the elevator dramatically.  The violin stops.  Fade to black.

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.


[Scene fades into view slowly. On screen is a close up of a fist, much larger than usual, veiny, with heavily calloused knuckles]

"To fight back? It's the most natural thing in the world."

[Screen flash transition, accompanied by the sound of a heavy impact of bone on flesh.] 
[2000s nu-metal inspired soundtrack plays, and we see a muscular, hulking high-schooler, Sura, fighting. He sweeps the leg of an opponent, flipping them into the air, at which point he strikes with a perfect straight punch into the solar plexus, sending them flying]

[Camera zooms out, showing Sura surrounded by what looks to be hundreds of high school students. One of them starts yelling at him.]

"You're a fucking Flawed! You understand how this world works? We're Mages!"

[Voiceover continues while the scene transitions to a view of massive glass structures, hover cars, crystals that generate electricity and fire. Civilians are shown moving objects with telekinesis]

"This entire world runs on Magic. And we're the ones who decide how it goes. Those freaks born without? They're born to live and die doing exactly what we say."]

[Visuals of Flawed (rare humans without Magic) being whipped, burned alive and thrown out of their homes]

[Scene cuts back to the confrontation]

Student thug leader: "That's the way of the world. You get it through that thick skull of yours?"

[Camera cuts to Sura, who nods]

Sura: "If the entire world's my enemy..."

[Close up of Sura's eyes as they open. They're completely black, with gold sclera]

"... Then the entire world's going to get the shit beaten out of it."]

[A single roundhouse kick sends twenty or so of the high schoolers flying just from the air pressure of the swing]

[Scene transitions into a supercut of Sura using a variety of martial arts techniques to brutally break opponents.]

Voiceover: "They call him the Demon. Eighteen year old kid. No Magic. Make no mistake about it: he's strong. There's a reason behind that name, and you don't want to find out firsthand".

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.


TheDungeonMother Wrote: *cough cough*

An animatic book trailer I made for my original novel

Thinking about posting this book here. I spent a year on it and it turns out it needs some heavy rewrites. The animatic itself came in at over 200 frames and took me a month or so.

Holy shit, dude. I feel like more people need to do animatic book trailers because A) they're cool and B) people need to better appreciate the kind of work that goes into animatics.

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

HESTER (VOICEOVER): Imagine a hidden school where young wizards go to learn magic...

Fade in. Delicate, sparkly piano music plays as the camera sweeps over an aerial view of a castle in the mountains as children on broomsticks whoosh by.

HESTER (VOICEOVER): Now lower your standards.

Suddenly the sparkly piano music becomes a banjo twang.

Jump cut to a worn, grimy-looking Greek revival style building. A few kids on swiffers float aimlessly around in the Alabama heat. One broom zooms by blasting a bass-boosted version of the baby shark song from an amp dangling off its back end; a cop on a broom follows, screaming WEE-WOO-WEE-WOO at the top of his lungs.

Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful starts playing as we cut to the title card.

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

*Scream echo though the dark city scape. Zooming in down on the Streets where blood and body and bone littler all over , zooming in closer you see young  girls and boys dashing about shooting and stabbing at each other.  Zooming in even closer you see dark  figure dart into a ally way the camera fallows it*  (narrator begins to talk)

The drift era has end but it still is much to fear   a slave born on a slave farm never to learn reality other then being own by master has some how manage to escape the trance and bonds put in her. within  future of artificial planets. and evolution  beeings. life as we know it has fallen into chaos. where to Old have die out and the young has taken over. With a U chop in head with all knowledge at birth, coincidence of greed has mostly taken over causing death and  wars.  Where gang Leader and gangs fight for parts of there planets to control over rules while the government sits back doing something that remains unknown. 

In a world where morals lost its mean and the government raise slave for profit. 

Will this slave be able to the over come the this dark chaotic world  or will she end up back in chains 

The drifter Era  awaits 

Coming soon to theater near you 

The Drifter Era  coming soon to a theaters... 

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

*Camera pans over a tranquil countryside village, slowly flying up as yellow fields enter the frame*
*A relaxing piano song plays, accompanying the slow life in the village*

*The camera angle starts tilting up towards the horizon as the music begins distorting into a sinister tone.*
*Over the calm landscape, a grey wall of fog appears, quickly approaching the village*
*The camera continues tilting up as it reaches the sky. The scene abruptly cuts off at the sound of a bell ringing five times.*

*On the black screen appears white writing*
By a new author on Royal Road...

*The scene returns to the village. The fog is about to cover it. Suddenly, a dome of ethereal golden light envelops the settlement. The grey mist violently impacts the shimmering barrier, like the ocean on the reef.*
*The scene cuts again, but the music picks up, with drums and violins joining the piano.*

*On the black screen appears white writing*
...comes a fantasy novel...

*Once again, the scene pans over the village. The fog has retreated north, and the golden dome slowly dissipates. The village is intact, but the people are not cheering. As the camera moves up in the sky, all around the settlement are scenes of desolation. The yellow fields have turned ashen- the green has become grey.*
*The piano and the drums go into the background, leaving only the violin to play some eerie notes*

...that will take your breath away...         [Note: totally hyperbolic]

*The scene cuts to a blonde boy reading a heavy tome in the study of a humble home. He closes the book and happily jumps out of the chair.

"Dad, I have finished the book! Can you teach me magic now?"

*The sound of muffled gasping echoes behind the door. The boy stands up and dashes at the sound.*

*The camera jumps, framing the door of the study from the dark corridor outside.*

*The door opens suddenly, the boy exiting with a panic-stricken face*


*As the camera lowers, we see the head and shoulders of a humanoid figure completely shrouded in darkness. A strange black aura outlines its shape.*

*The camera moves down the side of the figure, slowly. As it reaches its left hand, the metallic surface of a knife contrasts with the blackness of the figure, as does the deep red blood that drips down the edge.*

*The camera continues down, following red liquid trickling down the blade. The drops end on the forehead of a blonde man. The hand of the man is holding the front of his own neck, where we see a deep cut gushing out blood.*

*The violin hits a particularly eerie note, then remains silent*

*Fade to black*
*The orchestra starts playing as the music slowly rises in tone and epicness, this time giving percussions the main role*

This Fall...

...follow an epic journey...

...through a world of great mysteries...

...and ancient evils...

*As the music picks up the pace, we see a montage of very quick frames.*

Badum *

*First, we see a masked female in a silver cloak, in her hands are surgery instruments as she slowly dissects a distorted creature in a darkened dungeon. Though the scenery is dark and damp, she is perfectly clean*

Badum Batum*

*Second, we see a pearly door of colossal scale (we get the sense from the camera looking way up while the frame is unable to completely contain the door). A giant humanoid statue, with nine demonic wings and two sets of arms crossed on its chest, guards the massive gate - its gaze contains intentions that are hard to fathom*

* Badum *

*Third, we glimpse at the back of a golden throne. We do not see the person sitting on it, apart from a pair of angelic wings. Instead, we can see the scenery that the person is admiring. There is a large balcony. The rising sun illuminates countless islands magically floating over an immense ocean. From the frame, we get a sense of power from the person, like we are not even supposed to see their image*

Badum Badum *

*Fourth, we are now in an enormous gothic cathedral, fully decorated with beautiful marbles and golden embroideries. There is a statue behind the altar, and a set of stairs coiling around it. On those stairs is someone, but we cannot see anything but her curvaceous outline. A huge orb of magical golden light floats behind her, so blinding that her features are mostly eclipsed*

Badum *

*Fifth, we see a mountain so tall that from its peak one cannot see the clouds below. The peak starts trembling, then suddenly explodes. A scaly red hand appears, prying open a newly formed cave created by the explosion. We can how easy it is for that hand to break rock. We never see what comes out, just roaring laughter as the sky appears in its sight*

*The frames become shorter and shorter. We see a tower, a ship on a gulf, a purple explosion, a set of buildings in a desert, then the images start appearing too quickly to understand.*

*Finally, the music calms down, leaving only the piano and the calm notes that had started the trailer.*

*The title appears, white light slowly condensing into words.*

The Light Mage and the Fog

*Then the letters fade away, like dust in the wind*

Re: Promote your book, but write the promotion as if it were a movie trailer.

*story opens up to a desert*

Saxon: it's always been my dream to found a province for my Von Creig family.

*next scene*

Xasha: I'm going to start a guild, want to join?.
Megan: what will it be called?
*The Falling Stardust*

*next scene*

Ari: dad saw you die in my vision, the one who kill you left a message for you.
Xasha: what message?
Ari: He said, tread lightly.

*Next scene*

haha, epic fail.