What do you do if you feel like your novel is turning out bad

I have wrote for around 2 months now, which amounted to 30+ chapters.

At first, I just started writing for the sake of writing. It just seems fun bringing out some of your crazy ideas to life through a story. I didn't put much importance in whether the plot made sense, or if the characters were too shallow and one-dimensional. I just thought about having fun when writing, like a teenager drowning in their own fantasy (which is exactly what I am). However, gradually I started to care deeply about my work and started noticing a lot of weakness in its writing which discourage me when other people comment on the exact same thing I noticed.

Now I don't know what to do about it. I want to rewrite it but if the weakness lies in the plot itself would I have to change the plot altogether and leave the readers confused? I imagine that most people would find having to reread it troublesome and just drop it altogether. It's not like I care too deeply about people dropping but I know how disappointing it could be for a lot of people.

Or do I just try to improve along the way and leave the early part blemished as it is? I just hope to find some advice here.

Anyways this is my story for you to judge yourself if you're interested.

Re: What do you do if you feel like your novel is turning out bad

It doesn't sound like it is going bad, but like it already went bad a while ago, and you want to salavge it. 

I don't know what to advise you. If it was merely going bad in recent chapters, then scrapping them and rewriting them would be an easy advice, but if it was bad from the beginning and for a long time, you might just want to scrap it altogether. All of it. But it doesn't mean you have to give up on set and setting-for example, you can force an ending to this novel, and then write a different novel, this time properly, set in the same universe, and label the first one as spin off, or maybe some kind of prequel.

Re: What do you do if you feel like your novel is turning out bad

All your chapters show as just recently having been uploaded; if that's the case there won't really be readers yet so you can just take it all down for rewrite.

If you don't want to do that, you could try making an outline of what you already have; that might help you decide what you would do differently next time, even if it's impractical to revise what you currently have.

Depending on which parts of your current work you want to keep, you could write an end for the current story and then start a new story that keeps the things you like.

Re: What do you do if you feel like your novel is turning out bad

You don't have a ton of followers yet, so if you want to scrap the story--or do a complete re-think and rewrite on it--now is the the time.

It doesn't make sense to continue writing the story if you're not happy with it, especially if the plot and characters aren't working out.

Writing is hard work. Writing well is very hard work, and takes a lot of practice. You said you're a teenager ... do you have access to creative writing classes that you can take so you can start learning the skills from the ground up? I wish I had taken some writing classes when I was your age.

Some other suggestions for improving:

1. Read a lot of novels from professional publishing houses, and use them as examples to learn story building and grammar. Avoid web novels as much as possible because of the risk of picking up bad habits. If you really want to read web novels, stick to the extremely popular ones, since those are likely to have fewer problems (though the risk doesn't go away entirely).

2. You mentioned that you'd started out writing for yourself. It's okay to just do that for practice. You don't have to publicly release everything you write. Writing something just for practice is a nice way to get some experience, and to figure out what sort of stories you're interested in pursuing.

3. There are tons of resources online about the craft of writing. Be sure to make use of them. There are so many, it doesn't make sense to try to list them here--just google whatever topic you're interested in.

One resource that I've heard good things about but haven't had a chance to look at myself is Brandon Sanderson's series of lessons on youtube about writing science fiction and fantasy. I think this is where the course starts:


I hope this helps!