New Book post "Ti Lepus Dies."

I have started to post a new book of mine, it is the precursor of the first book, here is a later page from the book:

Quote:First Interregnum: Present Day
A soft mist flowed about the forest and drifted slowly with the gentle breeze. As the sun rose on Tantalus, the mysterious hidden capital of the empire, clouds rimmed mountains. The sounds of animals and birds along with the rustle of leaves drifted to the two people who stood watching the dawn.

“Lovely, isn’t it? I do so enjoy mornings.” A slender brown haired, blue eyed, woman gazed around, then looked at her companion. Of medium height and unremarkable features he stood gazing up at the clouds, his expression troubled.

“Do not be upset, whatever trouble they, whoever they may be, are getting into I am sure that it will pass. Let’s walk, the forest always calms you.” Looking over her shoulder, she took a few steps away, then stopped. “You really are worried?”

The man stood quite still, his expression changing from troubled to serious.

“I do not like what I see.” Glancing at the woman, “You still have faith, I have none. Just faith in the ability of people to work to their own self-interest and so cause trouble to others. They will use and abuse anyone they can, even the best of them at times. What the worst would do, well, you have seen that in the deep past for yourself.”

The woman stepped back her hands raised. “I only wish to forget!” Her hand criss-crossed several times in front of her face. “Do not remind me!”

“If you forget, it will only happen again,” the man replied unmoved, “you, all of us, we must learn so that we can see better and act better.” Then he paused, “What I have seen must be attended to.” He took several paces away then turned. “If left unattended, disaster is inevitable. I can only hope it is not already too late.”

The woman moved to stand closer, searching the man’s immobile face. She studied it, searching for a clue.

“So you have seen something. Can it be undone?”

Standing still and looking up, there was a fraction of silence. “There is still time but I guarantee nothing.”

With a deep sign, he lowered his face, turned and faced the woman. “I invoke the council. Tell them.” Was spoken with the clear sound of decision.

As the woman disappeared under the shadowed branches, the man turned his face to the sky.

“So it begins.” He murmured, looking deep into space. “You are getting close and may return. Have you not learnt anything from your absence?” The Dark Lord shook his head from side to side slowly.

and the terser 

Quote:Ti Lepus Dies, 
Ti Lepus, is a planet in turmoil, who can save it? Deadly forces scheme to break with the Empire and its Sovereign, spreading lies and committing act of vandalism. Some stand against the terrorists while others seek to master them and bend them to their evil design.

Rentap Dressiler and Trem De Markus are friends who resist these forces; one will be destroyed along with his family in the fight against murderous forces who would lead the planet to its destruction. The other may save it …

Leja Leves; the councillor who cunningly hides his leadership in the campaign against the Empire orchestrated by Nikie and Kirkrup Di Frim who are his unwitting dupes. He would die before admitting defeat …


Cami sis Nep; an innocent fourteen year old girl who is caught in a fight between powerful competing forces but who may bring great change to her planet, even as she risks loosening it as well as her life…,

But … The wild card …

The Dark Lord, Supreme Ruler of the Empire, an entity with strange powers and skills who is working behind the scenes to effect change before it is too late …. Will he succeed?