Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?


HereBeTreasure Wrote: So I come from reading korean gamelit novels, where every main character is basically a male necromancer. Haven't really seen a single female mc anywhere there. This shouldn't come to a surprise to anybody as this is the target demographic appeal. The novel writers want to appeal to the majority of their readers. 

But then I see that so many of the top royalroad stories have a female lead that it almost makes no sense to me. Wandering inn, azarinth healer, etc. What's going on? This feels almost counterintuitive to the male reader demographic skew of litrpg stories. It feels like shooting yourself in the foot, but instead it seems to have the opposite effect? 

Just want to disclaim that this isn't some social commentary question, just a question on 'why number big when not appealing to majority demographic?' 

edit: just wanted to add that not only is it having the opposite effect, female protagonists are disproportionately successful and in the top charts for RR despite how few of these stories there are. I haven't crunched the numbers but this looks statistically significant.
Can only speak for myself in saying I like stories with male MCs and I also like stories with female MCs, and don't care too much about which gender they identify with. Similarly on the 'popular' list, I like the stories there regardless of their MC's gender. 

So my pet theory is that the authors writing the top stories are to blame as they happen to be writing a female MC and that I would have liked the story just as much with a male MC. 

Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

I don't care much if the MC is male or female, as long as I can get along with their reasonings for their actions, don't have annoying attributes, and generally aren't buffoons then I'll like them.
As for why they may be prevalent in the top stories, is that people accepted the male MC as the better option for so long that it's refreshing to see a good female MC that wasn't just made as fan service or to service the male MC.

Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

I'm not sure I'm really contributing to this thread much, but I'd like to mention that the book having a male as the lead is a big thing for me. Not because I can't see a female as a lead but rather because I like to imagine myself as the main character in some way. The more the main character diverges from me, the less I can get into the book.
There was one book that I read where the main character was bisexual, and while the book was admittedly really good, I had a much harder time reading it after I learned that. This has posed a bit of a problem for me at times because as I said, that book had been really good but I still had a hard time reading it.