Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

If a person who writes on RR gets one x-phobic commenter, and little in the way of defense against said comments, it's easy to assume that means all the people who also read the story support the comment, and thus easy to paint the entire community as x-phobic, when in reality it was just one commenter, and the others who read the story either never bothered to read the comments, or did not have anything to say about it for one reason or another.

I sincerely doubt that RR is full of homo/transphobic users. I'm sure they exist, and I'm sure they are cruel and unforgiving in their hatred, but I'm also certain it's a very small but loud minority. But as a whole, no. I find people here to be mostly respectful, and there is such an overwhelming number of stories that if LGBTQ isn't your flavor, there's plenty of other stories that might suit your tastes.

Basically I would venture a guess that it's a few trolls acting independently that affected that particular user, and it's entirely likely it was chance that led the troll to be cruel to them, but to paint all RR users with the same brush is the same sort of prejudicial mindset that leads to anti-LGBTQ, racist or sexist sentiments from a basic psychological level. We would be incredibly hard-pressed to find a single community out there that doesn't have at least a few members that are coming from a place of prejudicial hatred against another group or identity. I've seen it plenty from all ends of the political spectrum. What matters is how we choose to navigate such things.

Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?


Kratos Wrote:
GodCore Wrote: But in a way one could argue that it is fantasy for LGBT people. Like normal Isekai readers fantasize about going to other world. The LGBT audience could be fantasizing about being transmigrated into the body of a person of the sex they want to be.

Just my thoughts. A LGBT person needs to comment on this view to see if it's valid.

Hmm, nah.
I think, I know what you are trying to say, but - just from my personal experience - I would disagree. I haven't read any gender-bend stories, honestly, I do stay away from that tag for two reasons (as an lgbt person). First of all, I am afraid of fetishization that might or might not happen. Secondly: trans people (sometimes, not all the time, and not all) experience gender dysphoria. It's ... hard to explain, I do know one good analogy but honestly, I don't want to share it right now because it would lead astray. Anyway, it's not pleasant. And I imagine that these fictions deal with comparisons of these old body and new body but not as in "this is who I am" but "this is not who I am".
I can't speak for all queer people, of course. I recently tagged my own fiction with gender-bending because I do deal with actively being forced into a body that is not your own, and not your own sex. But that is exactly the point: it's not a decision, it's forced. And it's not their own body, it's someone else's.

You might want to try Ryn of Avonside on ScribbleHub which is a Gender Bender where the MC is a biological male but trans and gets a female body and is happy with it.
The author seems to be trans instead of the usual fetishy gender-bender written by straight males.
It's also Kingdom Building, if you also like that.

Also, in one of the beginning chapters after the College is teleported to another world, the MC and two trans students talk about transphobic parents and being finally free of them because they are in a new world without them. So, keep that in mind. It might trigger some people. It's just a few sentences and you can skip them, but be ready for it if you decide to read it.

I hope you can read it and see if it has a positive effect and not a negative one like you fear.

Re: Is RR audience more homo-/transphobic compared to other similar sites?

Some stories have an agenda, that is true, but more often than not--they don't. This can be said of stories w/only straight characters and with a spectrum of sexually diverse characters.

I was on RoyalRoad about a year ago for 1 month before I deleted my account because...well, some users were passive aggressive towards my stories that contained LGBTQA+ content, and I grew tired of dealing with it. It had nothing to do with the staff. People are clever when it comes to being cruel. They can post a comment or review that isn't quite bad enough to get them in trouble, but absolutely is enough to get their point across.

The stories I posted weren't focused on sex or gender-identities, but they contained a span of characters who were not straight. They simply existed in their story-spaces and that was that. But because they weren't straight, a few people felt the need to craftily express their displeasure about it.

I came back to RR because WP is an incredibly difficult website to grow on w/a fantasy story that isn't romance-focused. There is more audience here for the type of story I like to write, character sexualities and gender IDs aside, and I'm prepared to deal with the backlash even though I shouldn't have to. Even posting the story I have now (with LGBTQA+ cast) has gotten at least one questionable comment concerning the MC's gay dads. I've just learned to ignore it.

That said, I understand a bit of hesitation towards LGBTQA+ stories that may be inherently sexual as yaoi/yuri implies, but there seems to be a bit of an assumption going on here (not everyone, mind you) that all non-straight content is erotica or something, which is blatantly untrue.