Re: Why is writing a light hearted story so darn hard!

Two items: first I’ve found that my current mental health heavily impacts my writing. If I’m particularly depressed I simply cannot do good work. I still write, but that stuff isn’t ever going to see the light of day. Seriously, you don’t want it. 

Second - it’s not impossible to write happy and lighthearted characters in super high stakes situations and stories. I’d suggest finding works that manage it. They’ll never be 100% silly, but the serious moments get emphasis because of the contrast. Avatar the Last Airbender does it well, as does Scrubs, a lot of the MCU movies, and the older James Bond movies. For books I’d look at John Ringo, Eric Flint, and David Weber. 

Ringo does it best, but be aware his books can be problematic. In particular his naval zombie series does a great job sticking easy going characters into super dark and gritty situations. 

Re: Why is writing a light hearted story so darn hard!


NinaWrites Wrote: I know that not everyone can write a certain genre - and I try. I really do. But it comes across awkward or forced.
It may be awkward and forced because you're trying really hard to write this style of story. Comedy and lightheartedness doesn't come from a place of excessive tryhardism, lol. Stop trying so hard. Write like the entire process is a big joke. That means write fast, don't over think. DO NOT REVISE/EDIT. If you can get to a place where you're truly at ease writing the story, it will show.