1 month anniversary, 200 followers!

This got me dancing a little jig like a one-two, a one-two-three-four  DrakanAmused

1 month on this wonderful site with this incredible community and 1 month of posting 3 chapters a day (With an initial stockpile of 6 chapters!). I'm pumped up to do even more the next month and break newer milestones (300 followers, here I come!).

My first book, The Flight of The Draykes was supposed to be just 50 chapters. Now it's about to touch 100 chapters tomorrow and it'll probably reach 200 by the end. And I have another 19 books in the series planned out! So you're going to be seeing me on here for a while  DrakanMelt

All things aside, I'm just going to end this post by raising a glass to you and myself!  DrakanWine

P.S - I do love the drakan emojis xD

Re: 1 month anniversary, 200 followers!


Vivian Wrote: Three chapters a day. Holy hell that's impressive! How do you manage all that?

Congrats on your follower count!
They're not very long chapters as they hover around 1300-1800 words on average. Also, I'm lucky that my characters practically write themselves and move the plot according to their whims and fancies. So, I'm just a conduit, as the words flow out. The only collateral damage in this would be my fingers who make sad noises all the time when the laptop is opened!  DrakanSigh