Re: Using rep to get you readers


Ararara Wrote: Am I the only one that feels this is wrong? xD

Especially the "I will put it in my Story summary that I give endless free Rep haha xD"

You get views, loads of comments and follows from people who don't actually read, that makes no sense to me. How is that ok

Isn't it a kind of bribery

Yes, this is totally bribery. There are different levels of bribery though, from totally harmless to very questionable. 

1) Giving rep for corrections or helpful advice is completely sound. You as the author get help in improving the story, the reader gets rep as a thank you. In fact, authors SHOULD give rep if they want the readers to continue helping. 

I might be a bit biased, because I got a large part of my rep from pointing out typos. Here's my personal side: If an author ignores my suggestions and keeps making the same simple mistakes, I'll very quickly stop helping and commenting. If an author corrects the errors but does not give rep, I'll still point out some errors, but perhaps not every chapter. If an author corrects the errors and gives me rep, I will continue and point out each error I find. There are authors that went from 20 errors per chapter to 0-1 error per chapter over time; it was not easy, but my effort was not in vain, it made the stories better. That I reached replevel 50 for it is a bonus. 

2) Giving rep for comments that interact with the chapter content is fine, too. Somebody might start interacting more than before, but that's not a bad thing. 

3) Giving rep for a comment that is only "First!" or "TFTC" is a personal choice. If you want these kind of comments, feel free to bribe people. 

4) But announcing that "commenting on my story will lead to rep" is third-world-level corruption and despicable. You're basically saying that you care only for views and not whether people enjoy or even read your story. Please have at least some standards. 

Edit, disclaimer: Yes, in addition to the many helpful comments, I have written a significant number of comments that were not strictly necessary or that did not advance the discussion. But they all had something to do with the chapter content, either an interesting observation or a clarificating question or a joke. I never said I wasn't bribable, I'm just not very cheap.

Sake Wrote: since review swapping is a thing, wait until more business-minded individuals invent rep+comment swapping 
the entire reputation system will have to be reworked
LOL, you are at least half a year too late with your idea. This has been going on both in comment sections and on the forum for a long time. Just look for totally useless comments that have a large amount of rep. Or for people who raced up to the higher reputation levels within a few weeks (this is difficult to find out after the fact though). Some of these forum threads have been deleted though.