Looking for 'humans through Alien eyes' stories

I'm looking for stories where the POV is a non-human/non-standard character ignorant or new to human morals or culture meeting them for the first time. Stories like 'A Certain Droll Hivemind', "All Wo-rk and No Play", etc., some kinds of first contact stories, etc. Lack of human wanking and 'Humanity, Fuck You' and such preferred, but I'm not holding my breath. Stories where the 'non-human' character is an isekai don't count.

Re: Looking for 'humans through Alien eyes' stories

My story, Crest of the Starbird has an alien lead, a member of an ancient race, who grew up among humanity. They struggle with the expectations of their native culture, and how it clashes with the pace and assumptions of humanity. I've only dipped my toe in that subplot for now, but it will be a larger part of the story as I continue.