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Hello everyone!

I figured that I would roll two posts into one. I'm new to the site and enjoying my time here so far. You folks seem lovely and so I'm hoping that, given the sheer amount of isekai on here, someone might be able to bless me with directions to what I'm looking for.

As a bit of context, back in highschool, I came across the first of the Thomas Covenant books by Steven R. Donaldson. I hated the MC passionately so did what any sensible reader would do - I completed the first book and paid a ridiculous sum of money to get my hands on the out-of-print sequels to complete the trilogy.

I have no idea how well known the books are as none of my fantasy-loving friends have heard of them before so I'll quickly explain:
Thomas Covenant is transported magically into a fantasy world where he is expected to save the lands from the evil Lord Foul. The people of the world are overjoyed that the *trumpets sounding* hero has arrived. Unfortunately, Thomas Covenant is a depressed, divorced and chronically self-defeating author who is convinced he's living through some fever dream and is not revelling in the chance to leave his pity party. The people of the world bribe, threaten and (if memory serves me well) physically drag Covenant to get him to Foul's lair to ultimately fulfil his destiny.

What I'm looking for is something that follows the same theme. A new Thomas or Tina Covenant being dragged towards their destiny like a petulant child. I'm not looking for character growth (unless it's of the side-characters - grow those patient beauties as much as they need). So long as it's not a rom-com - I'm happy with any background genre. Sci-fi, low/high fantasy or horror/mystery aspects are absolutely fine.

Feel free to recommend your own or other people's books. I prefer written novels to manga and I'm not opposed to dropping money on printed materials if needed.

Bonus points if: 
MC has no magical or strength related abilities.
Female characters are more than just boobs on legs 

Thank you everyone! 

Re: Introduction and polite request

Did you read the other 7 books in the series? There is a sequel trilogy and then a final quartet with I think Linden as the viewpoint character. These come up pretty often at old book fairs. 50c a pop. The quarter was actually published late, from 2004 to 2013.

I don't recall anything really similar to Covenent here sadly. The anti-heroes are in the modern style reveling in their role.

Re: Introduction and polite request

I haven't read them all yet. I'm slowly acquiring them. They're clearly less popular in my neck of the woods as I didn't even realise there were more until last year! 

I normally have a stack of unread books sitting in the house but it is slowly beginning to dwindle (despite the best efforts of friends and family). I was hoping that having ebooks to bolster my reserves might be easier than having to special order items at the local library.

Thank you for checking though!