Re: Review the first Italian web novel in the world

As mentioned by my title, my translator posts her commissioned translation of our - mine and my editor's - book on RR. It's the first Italian story ever posted. 
Second, actually. We already had a translation of our old series going on, but it's way rougher than the present one.

If you are looking for a soft LitRPG focusing on character development rather than stats and levels, jump on board! However, I must warn you that levels don't make anyone invincible. 
The original manuscript is quite hard to read since we got complicated characters to write. The first draft of the translation was quite confusing for many readers, and we started proofreading it to correct misplaced pronouns, some weird sentence structure and so on. Therefore, I do not expect y'all to give 5-stars to grammar.

I will return every review in a matter of one day or less. I've experience teaching writing and helping new aspiring authors make their way in the literature world, so I hope my reviews will provide you with some value! 

I expect you to read at least until the end of Chapter 1.03. 

Send me a message indicating that you have done the review or simply reply to this thread. I will immediately start reading your story. I'll read around 20k words and try to write down an advanced review for every single one of you. My English is not on par with my Italian, sadly, but I'll still give it my best shot. 

I'll also try and leave a few comments under your chapters, if you'd do the same for me :) 

Let's get the ball rolling! 

This is our book:

Reviews dished out so far: 
Artificial Mind ✓