Re: humans are space orcs recommendations


Human Altered - on Royal Road
Earths Engineers are a double-edged sword. They can fix or improve anything, but no sane Xeno Engineer will touch it if it carries the Human Altered warning..

Halfway to Home - on Kindle Unlimited
Alone and hunted, Sam is lost in the cold emptiness of space.

Abducted from Earth and whisked into the depths of the Milky Way, Sam wakes up amidst a grotesque menagerie of aliens. Imprisoned by the Nalitokk, an advanced species out for information no matter the cost, Sam is shielded by one simple fact: Out of the many aliens the Nalitokk have captured, the only thing to make humans stand out is how unimpressive they are.

When they come to regard their newest test subject as little more than a defective pet, Sam is all too happy to play along. As humiliating as the deception is, it’s the only way to survive.

But times are changing, and every game comes to an end. When disaster strikes, Sam is faced with hard decisions about how to break free of their grasp. Decisions which change everything - from the Nalitokk’s view on humans, all the way down to Sam’s humanity itself.

With the Nalitokk hot in pursuit, Sam breaks free with one singular goal - to find the way home.

Re: humans are space orcs recommendations

Barbarians; by HeWhoLooksSkyward, Sci-Fi, completed. Humanity reached the stars, other species are already there and are very advanced but totally pacifist. But sometimes you need somebody who is a bit barbaric for a job that the degenerated aliens can't do. Captivating HFY with both happy and sad parts.
Descendants of a Dead Earth; also by HeWhoLooksSkyward, Sci-Fi, ongoing (fourth volume). Amidst ruthless and powerful aliens who hate them, the remnants of humanity are a weak and abused group, wandering around homelessly after Earth was destroyed. Very crushing setting, only very little hope for the most time, but very intense.
They are Smol; by TinyPrancingHorse, Sci-Fi, ongoing (fifth volume). Aliens visit Earth, notice that humans are tiny and absolutely adorable. Humans are allowed into space, but only with training wheels and padding and minders because they are considered totally fragile. Very funny, with a significant amount of crazy shitposting.