Re: Which god do you think you could get away with punching in the face?


Haust Wrote:
DrBuller Wrote: Cupid. What's a baby gonna do to me?

Congratulations, you're now tragically in love with a dog turd. It's up to you to protect your beloved, but you know, deep down, that you cannot suceed. It is destined to decompose, you are destined to watch it happen. All you can do is cherish the short time the two of you have together.

Getting a monkey's paw vibe from this one

Re: Which god do you think you could get away with punching in the face?

For all those saying Bacchus/Dionysus, check out Euripides' Bacchae.  Dude is literally the most terrifying of all the Olympian deities:  his mere presence alters your sense of reality until not only do you no longer know what you're doing, you think that anything he suggests is the right thing--something you'll be proud of.  This is the full gamut of drunkenness, from getting drunk and dancing around in women's clothing so that you don't take yourself too seriously when you're sober (Cadmus and Teiresias) to dressing as a woman and trying to infiltrate a mad god's group of violent female worshippers literally named "mad women" (=Maenads) (this is Pentheus), to ripping your son's head off his body with your bare hands, putting it on a stake and parading it back home because you thought it was a lion cub that you single-handedly killed.  Oh, and by the way, when Pentheus is spying on the women, he goes up in a tall tree, and Dionysus, staying normal size, reaches his hand to the top of the tree and pulls it down all bendy-like as if in a cartoon so that the Maenads can grab Pentheus.  Dionysus never changes size.  The tree never changes size.  Yet it happens.  That's eldritch if ever there was such a thing.

I'm going with Ouranos.  He's so big he doesn't even notice.  How often have you fist-pumped the sky and not been crushed by the father of all Titans?

Re: Which god do you think you could get away with punching in the face?

aphrodita - i live it to your imagination why.

atlas - like, what his gonna do? his kind of tide-up at the moment

zeus - but under very very specific circumstances.
for example: he is sleeping. you punch him, and just before he has time to start getting angry, tell him you found a the most pretty woman that exist he has yet to seen, and show her to him. then leave.

Buddha - not exactly a god, but close enough.

jesus - same as Buddha.

hapestus - he is already used to ravens eating his lever all the time. what a punhc in hte face matter to him after all that? (maybe i confused him with another god myth?)