Re: Celebrating signing with a Developmental Editor:

Working on rewriting the last 5 chapters of my book so I can send them to the editor by Monday to have it back by next Monday to then address the problems they suggest and then to fill the book with the rest of its art before I sell it or pitch it to a publisher. To everyone who read my book in its rough draft stages, I thank you for reading it, and if you enjoyed it and look forward to the polished version ill be releasing here, stay tuned. However, it won't be the full book, but it will have some art when it's all done for the readers here, people who follow and supported me by joining my discord which I will be removing the link for it soon. To say hey or ask me questions, you should join. I will be leaving a signed copy for all those people to download for free with my Author signature as a thank you and all the people who contributed with ideas and comments. To those I promised to shout out in the book's epilogue, I will personally reach out to regardless If they are in discord to gift the book as a thank you. this is my first project, but I feel it will be fun and should go for around 1-6 vols with a manga I plan to also work on for it.