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Ralen Wrote: The art looks good, but I don't really understand why you get pieces like this for your background picture. I'm not sure if there are any links where you can actually see most or the majority of the picture, but I can say that all of the links I frequent don't let you see anything but the sides. It would make more sense to have an image tailored to your website style.

Under the right circumstance, you can see more of it in the author dashboard as well. 

We don't want an image that distracts the readers - we want something that is beautiful in the background, calm, looks good, and can be ignored for the rest of time. In my opinion, this image is perfect. If the lady was standing on the sides as an example, I think that would be too distracting since the image is static, and would follow you everywhere. 

Here is an example from my author dashboard:

For the other questions - I updated the post with an FAQ: 

How to change the border displayed around your avatar? 
If your level is too low, or if you are not a premium user - your choices may be too limited to chose from. But, if you have more than one border - you can choose which one to display by going to your wardrobe [Settings > Border Wardrobe]. Simply click the border you like, and then hit [save].

If you are not a premium user, and your level is too low - this is how you can level up:
  • Gain new achievements
  • Log in (or just visit if you are always logged in) Royal Road daily 
  • Gain Reputation levels
  • Give Reputation to users
  • Comment on fictions
  • Make reviews and vote on reviews
  • Refer new users to Royal Road
Can the background be changed?
At the moment, the new background is the only background, and you can't change it. But, you can dim (even hide completely) or light up the image by going to any chapter page and changing the [%] on the [Dim BG] option.

Re: New Border [Official]


tohru_chanowo Wrote: I like the water border and stuff, but since when did we have a border wardrobe? Every time I look at my settings, I never see anything called wardrobe.

You can find the [border wardrobe] on the side menu of your settings page. As an example, this is how mine looks like:

Level borders are what is available for all-users, but it depends on your level. The more you level up, the more you unlock - the max level is 30. 

The custom borders, are the special borders we release monthly for premium users. You need to have a premium subscription to collect the borders to your wardrobe in the allocated time - after that, you can display them as a premium user whenever you want.
If you didn't take them when you had the opportunity, and the allocated time is over, you can never get them again. 
We aim to release at least one per month, but sometimes we release more. This has been going on since October 31st, 2020. 

Hope this answered your question.

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DrBuller Wrote: The new border is neat, but I'll be sticking with the one I have. From the picture above, it is clear to see that Wing, one of the sites esteemed admins, does not have access to it. Therefore, I can safely say that the score is currently:

1 to me.

0 to the admins.

I'm here forever. It is only a matter of time until I get to the max level!

Re: New Border [Official]

Really beautiful and inspiring.  The character and the statue look as if Ryky put a lot of effort into them. Unfortunately, I cannot see them on the website because they are hidden behind the content container. Maybe Ryky could create a second version which takes the layout of the website into consideration. The current version would make a great header image, though. Keep up the good work, Ryky. :)

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Tomolone Wrote: Also, why change when the first border is the epitome of perfection?
Mikko Wrote: I hope the bright sun doesn't cause burn-in on my OLED TV.

If this is a concern, you can enable background dimming on the chapter page. It doesn't apply to the rest of the site just yet, but I might look into making it a global setting.

Modern OLED is quite nice about burn-in though, even if it happens it usually goes away after a while.