Re: New Border and Background [Official]

For those using mobile, or for those that have the background dimmed - you must've not noticed. But, we have a new background! It was created by the Amazing Ryky (who also created most of our blog post artwork).

This is the full image:

In honor of the water theme in the new background image, this month's border is the Water-border! I'm currently proudly wearing it around my avatar(feel free to check it out under the Light/Dark theme).

July's 3 lion borders are no longer available for those that didn't add them to their wardrobe in time. 

What is this about?
The monthly unique border is a premium feature where premium users can add new, and unique borders to their wardrobe, which they can then use as premium users whenever they want. Non premium users can level up the normal borders, and you can read about here

How to change the border displayed around your avatar?
If your level is too low, or if you are not a premium user - your choices may be too limited to chose from. But, if you have more than one border - you can choose which one to display by going to your wardrobe [Settings > Border Wardrobe]. Simply click the border you like, and then hit [save]. 

Can the background be changed? 
At the moment, the new background is the only background, and you can't change it. But, you can dim (even hide completely) or light up the image by going to any chapter page and changing the [%] on the [Dim BG] option.

I hope you like the new border and the new background.


Re: New Border [Official]


Rilaiss Wrote: Knew that artwork looked familiar! I follow Ryky on DeviantArt, but didn't realize until now they were on RR too. Very well done as always, Ryky!

I'm a huge fan! I hunt at his auctions like a hawk peogiggle Was so glad to see something a bit calmer than his usual style, didn't delay trying it out as a background - and immediately fell in love  peolove

Chaos Wrote: I wonder what a Xianxia border would look like.

Interesting question - unfortunately, I never commissioned one like that. So, we will have to continue wondering - unless I commission Seyumei for even more borders.

Re: New Border [Official]

Smart move replacing the background. the last artist (Noah Bradley) turned out to be a sexual predictor.
see the video about his actions here
anyway, the new BG looks great.

Lol just did a reverse image search on the OG background and found a post from Noah on Twitter showing it and some other valley paintings he painted with the caption.
"I was gonna write "I really like painting happy valleys" but then I remembered that means something else" 
LMFAO  peolaughing

Ps: here is his post talking about his cancellation.