Re: Yay 55 Chapters I have posted


bysimpsonauthor Wrote: YAY congrats!

Thank you  hmmm I know i have to fix chapters, but ug it's hard to go back, so i just been pressing myself forward until I get far enough to say hay it's time go back and correct the errors.... but yeah, sometimes you have to move forward... knowing I have a long road ahead of me Makes me know that it will be better to correct the chapters once book one ends...  giggles

Re: Yay 55 Chapters I have posted


parkertallan Wrote: Well done. Self-motivation is always a winner. Congratulations.

I truly is always the winner didn't even have chapter 56 done while posting 55, and I already post chapter 56. Now I get to rest over the weekend and wait for what happens. I gave people a choice if they wanted me to skip the time or continue where I left off. I'm not going to tell you what I'm hoping for, but either way, I be excited about the results