Re: 100 Views on my Fiction. Wow.


PhoenixFlare Wrote: Oh? How do I go about that? It's at 14.5k words as it stands.

Easy. Yo go to this thread ( and look for someone to swap reviews with you. Look for someone in the same genre you are writing. Like that, you will be spared bad reviews only because the other person did not like the genre. On that note, beware, if the reviewer is brutally honest, it is possible to get a lower rating than expected. When I used to do swaps, I usually offered that if my review was 3.5 stars or less, I would PM the author with my full concerns without publically posting them, unless the author wished for me to do so. Like that, the author has the benefits of knowing the "weak points" in their work without damaging the story's ranking. I find this fair, especially for young stories just starting to break through. Try having an arrangement like that when you swap.