Re: Anyone here a fan of the NieR series?


Seerica Wrote: I haven't played Reincarnation yet, but I like Automata.

If you like Automata, then try Replicant and Reincarnation. Replicant is like my game of the year so far, it's the opposite of Automata in a way. Automata is purely philosophical when you look at the grand scheme of things in it, Replicant is sorta the same but it focuses more on the characters and building up the foundation Automata and Reincarnation now stands on.

Reincarnation is fun in my opinion. 
But fair warning, the Automata event has spoilers for the game so watch out for that if you still haven't finished it or something. o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

Re: Anyone here a fan of the NieR series?

I really enjoyed Automata when I played it, watched my friend play Replicant and liked the story even more. In an odd way the whole series feels thematically similar, though at the same time very different, to some of my own favorite games. I tried playing Reincarnation when it came out and I was having some fun with it, though I ended up stopping because on my phone, whenever I entered a new story segment it would skip me to the battle at the end. Oh well, maybe I'll reinstall it at some point and won't have the error anymore.