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BridgerCampbellCannon Wrote: You’ll be flocked for sure, but possibly by an angry crowd with pitchforks.

I'll order pizza and drinks. "Thank you for coming to my party!"

Edge Wrote:
meteoraguy Wrote: If I write a non-LitRPG story and call it a LitRPG and tag it as a LitRPG, how flocked will I be? I'm asking...for a friend.

Probably can really stretch the meaning.

“Yes, this story is lit, and it plays its roles quite well. That is life for ya, a game in a sense.”


This suggestion is lit af XD

Re: Do all stories read like games on this site?


meteoraguy Wrote: This answer is lit af XD

Gotta think outside the box here.  DrakanThink

Now I am curious on using this logic on someone.

Reader: This isn’t a LitRPG.

Me: Well, it is literature, right?

Reader: Yes, but—!

Me: So it is lit, characters play their roles don’t they?

Reader: Yes, that—!

Me: Good, and life is a game in a sense is it not?

Reader: …

Me: There you go, LitRPG.  DrakanSmug

Re: Do all stories read like games on this site?

I wonder how modern Isekai tropes compare to older escapist stories. The idea of a person from the 'real' world falling into some unexplored fantasy land has been around for a while now. Chronicles of Narnia and Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever both come to mind, but you could make an argument that most chosen one fantasy stories hinge on the same tropes too.   Roblox Guides

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1moreindakitchen Wrote: I'll also do litRPG once. Until then I'll spend aeons to figure out how my system messages should look like ...

this is a good question, there are many routes to go
should we use a blue box or another way to show
maybe status messages could all me sent by mail
you open up the letter and read "this attack will fail"
maybe you could have a chipmunk whisper in your ear
"you will gain plus-five attack, if you pick up that spear"

Re: Do all stories read like games on this site?

My first story is a non LitRPG, while my second story is a LitRPG. 

I got the same amount of views for my LitRPG in two days after just a couple of chapters compared to three weeks for my non LitRPG before I decided to rewrite it. 

The readership here has a taste. That's fine by me: if that's what people want to read, who am I to tell them differently. I just appreciate the readers who are willing to try out a little bit of everything


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LitRPG is not all bad, brother. It's all in the execution.

Mine only has the concept of statuses and HP and game stuff, though it's more of world lore. but what the reader likes from what I do is the imagery, the thought process, the philosophies, and the characters.

All other characters have status screen and Hp and stuff. My MC doesn't. She instead used wisdom and experience. Having max stats and having real experience is a very different concept.

One of the most interesting chapters that got my readers going is actually more of Phoenix Wright type turnabout through the MC's with and silver tongue and not number based fights.

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Yeah, a good amount of litRPG/gamelit here, along with isekai, dungeon, and cultivator stories. That being said, there are others. You just need to look carefully, as they usually get swamped with bad reviews/rating and get pushed under the rug. RR has become toxic like that.

Also, there's a lot of bad examples of these stories here, where the genre/plot device is treated as the plot and each chapter becomes something akin to a Spongebob episode or a woobie of the week.

To respond to a repeated comment from above, isekai is very similar to the older escapist/portal fantasy, à la Narnia or Thomas Covenant, with the main distinctive being use of japanese light novel and anime tropes. If you see an isekai with none  of these tropes, it's just a portal fiction, with isekai becoming the colloquial catch-all term for this generation.

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aleksandergoski Wrote: Why does every story I try to read here sounds like it's about a character in a game? Is this whole website made for stories which read as RPG games? I just wanted to check, and sorry for sounding ignorant. I thought it was a website for writing in general, on any topic.

That's the general demographic, but no, not all the stories are like that. A have a few like that, but a lot that aren't.