Re: New book, new cover

I originally meant to post this one on Kindle Vella but realized it would take forever to start getting reads there, so I pulled it and posted it here instead. Didn’t want to make entirely new art for it, so I adapted the thumbnail portrait I made for KV into a full book cover. 
Anyway, this one’s about magical food battles with actual life-and-death stakes. Also love, revenge, and eventual sexy times.

Yes, I watch too much Food Wars

Re: New book, new cover

Yes I really like the artwork for it! Very striking! Love the colouring.

Someone on Reddit suggested I looked in KV, but you can't have your fictions anywhere else and from what I read, Amazon weren't doing a lot to publicise it so yeah, like you said, it would just take a long time to get going. Anyway, this isn't about KV...!

Cool artwork!