Re: New Author Intro

Hello Everyone,

Over the past 2 months, I've been reading a lot of web novels and I've been considering to start writing myself. Although it never really goes anywhere and I always procrastinate. I'm proud to say that I have taken my first step and have submitted a story today!

It should hopefully be approved tomorrow or the day after so I look forward to writing. It's my first time publishing a story for the public so if there are any improvements that can be made please let me know so I can learn. I'll be starting college this fall so I hope to write as much as possible before I start classes. 

My stories usually aren't planned and I just go along the flow, including this one. I hope my story piques your interest and look forward to the responses!


Re: New Author Intro

Welcome to RR! I hope your story's 'A Hacker's Ascent' finds a readership here. I've been here roughly a month. I've learned a few tricks to help gain momentum in that time.

Beyond what others have posted about the banner signature, I found a lot of great new reads in the new release section. I've found a few hidden gems in the bunch which I was all to happy to follow and upvote.

So that's Tip 1. Check out the new release section and have a look at what's coming out. Leave a vote for the ones you like. They can't see who voted for them, but it helps writers push past the insecurities of writing to an audience.

Tip2: Comment. Often. Even if it's just a 'good job' or an 'I liked this part'. Same as above, it gives the writer a nice positive push. But really, if you can engage with the content in some way, like coment on what's happening, or on a character's behaviour, or what wild theories you've concocted with the story, that goes so much further.

Tip 3: Rate. I don't rate anything that I personally feel is less than 3-stars, because I don't want people to quit over an opinion of their work. And a low rating without knowing why a reader rated that way can be devistating. The objective is to encourage while being authentic to you and your tastes.

Tip 4. Review. This ties into ratings - but unlike ratings, the writer and others CAN see your review. You have two options here. A critical review, which very few people actually want, comes in the form of feedback, criticism, etc (I tend to this privately and only when asked). Or you have the option of doing a general review, which I treat like a reader focused review. In this version try to focus on how I would explain what I just read to a buddy of mine, who happens to also read the same sort of things I do. It doesn't always go over well, but much like in writing, intentions aren't always perceived as intended.

I've made plenty of new friends here as a result, and I'm slowly building a community of readers while finding some new and inspiring talent which helps me learn how to write better stories.

Oh last tip! Remember to follow and favourite stories that you want to keep up with. It has the double bonus of keeping you notified of when a new update goes up, makes it easy to find in your personal library while making it easier for other people to find new exciting stories through you, AND it goes a long way to help out your fellow writers with their stats - it's part of what makes this place a great community.

Beyond that be patient, be consistent with your writing - post on a regular schedule after the first 10 days of posting. Readers trust reliable writers over the quality of the writing. Your posting schedule should match your ability to produce consistent quality of your writing style and story.

Finally, remember that everyone has their preferences. Remember why you're writing and keep going. You can only get better if you put in the time and practice.

Best of luck.