Re: Wrath of Titans (A Dark & Epic LitRPG with Wars)

Greetings! I have started a new novel and would like to share with you guys :). If you like grand fantasy or LitRPG you would probably bite onto this. Do let me know what you think about the story and allllllllllllllllll feedbacks are welcome! :D


Wrath of Titans (A Dark & Epic LitRPG with Wars)


Death would be a relief for him.

Gifted a magical system comprised of stats, skills, level and an unfathomable power, Elias saw the unexpected present as a curse more than a blessing. But there was no return now, since he had been ‘chosen’, he had to battle his way out in this dark and unforgiving world.

He had to laboriously carve out a path of his own while tried by clashes between high kings, races, politics and titans unknown to the great continent.

He had to survive, or died like other chosen ones exploited or killed by the rest of the chosen.

He had to fight, to protect the villagers so dear to him.

Not to mention his beloved little sister whom he vowed to protect with everything he had.

And this was all just the beginning.