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Hello world, the reason that I’m posting here today
is to challenge poetry in yet another way
if you comment down below, three words, a phrase, or theme
I’ll attempt to make it fit into this rhyming scheme

For example, should you ask for “turtles, pots, and kings”
I’d attempt to write a song that uses all three things:
“once there was a shell-less turtle on a castle wall
he stole a pot to hide in from the king, and that is all”

This should be an interesting way to hone my skill
sometimes rhyming feels like dragging boulders up a hill
it might take a bit of time if many people post
keep on checking back to see which poem you like the most

By the way, I have a ‘fiction’ just for little songs
I’ll be posting what I write there, if the song belongs
I’ll give credit to the three words' author in a note
You can write your own here too, whatever floats your boat


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batotit Wrote: Okay, let's try... "LitRPG," "Xianxia," and "Harem."


Batotit's Song

Once there was a cultivator born with bones of jade
The pride of his whole temple where the finest pills were made
One day he made pills by mixing cheese, ginseng, and socks
He made a pill that let him see his own blue status box

Though he was the strongest cultivator ever known
He couldn’t help but cry at what the status screen had shown
Though the screen confirmed that all his powers all were there
Any stats related to relationships were bare

He had zero aptitude for romance so he cried
The numbers in his status screen had torn away his pride
In a daze he ran away into the busy street
And then he was run over by a carriage hauling wheat

He awoke to find himself in unfamiliar land
On a magic circle that he couldn’t understand
Next to him and older wizard waved ‘hello’ and smiled
“Save us from the demon lord, oh precious hero child”

The cultivator looked around in shock and understood
He had died a stupid death, and now was here for good
He was more consumed by sadness than he’d ever been
But by chance he noticed something on his status screen

Underneath the stats that showed his old abilities
There was one new skill that, when he saw it, made him freeze
When he checked it last his romance skill was locked at “none”
Now the number listed was a million and one

He thanked the wizard kindly and was quickly on his way
And started one big family after he’d saved the day
Soon a thousand children with his likeness had been made
All of whom were cultivators, born with bones of jade

The prompts were three whole genres, but i think i pulled it off
although some rhymes did come from the far end of the trough

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Nymphzero77 Wrote: The man was lost, robbed of his sacred sword
and in his memories, the image of the wretched lord
incompetent, indecent, doing as he please
then with blood screams, he cursed him with a chord

Nymphzero77’s Song

Living all alone in his great castle was a lord
His territory was so peaceful, he had grown quite bored
One day while he wandered through the castle by himself
He thought he heard the sound of music, coming from a shelf

On the shelf beneath a pile of papers was a sword
When he leaned in close, he heard it play another chord
He picked it up and it transformed into a battle ax
A flying V guitar that gave him guitar playing hax

The lonely lord became a rock star, known throughout the land
Other lords who heard his music, came and joined his band
They played such heavy metal that they woke the dragon king
Who soon became a fan and didn’t break a single thing

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Haust Wrote: These are really nice.
How about this: heavy metal skysharks.
Haust’s Song

One upon a time there was a village to the west
A loving father tucked his daughter into bed to rest
Before she slept she often asked her father for a tale
This time what she asked him was a question grand in scale

“Where does heavy metal come from, dad” she softly asked?
“How come when we go to concerts, everyone is masked?”
The father scratched his head and then decided it was time
To pass along the story of their village told in rhyme

“Long ago our village used to listen to Disco
That was all our people knew of many years ago
One day though, a monster rose up from the ocean deep
And started to attack us like some big annoying creep

We were all too helpless as that monster ran amok
But as fires were raging one old man would have some luck
He found an ancient manuscript which when was read aloud
Flying sharks in masks appeared behind a magic cloud

They played a sound the likes of which our kind had never heard
Solos on guitars that sounding like a singing bird
Drums that pounded mercilessly til the Earth at cracked
The bass was pretty average, but but the vocalist was stacked

The monster from the ocean didn’t even stand a chance
While it ran away our village all began to dance
To this day our village celebrates those fateful days
And summon flying sharks with heavy metal on Thursdays”

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eric_river Wrote:
Haust Wrote: These are really nice.
How about this: heavy metal skysharks.
Haust’s Song

One upon a time there was a village to the west
A loving father tucked his daughter into bed to rest
Before she slept she often asked her father for a tale
This time what she asked him was a question grand in scale

“Where does heavy metal come from, dad” she softly asked?
“How come when we go to concerts, everyone is masked?”
The father scratched his head and then decided it was time
To pass along the story of their village told in rhyme

“Long ago our village used to listen to Disco
That was all our people knew of many years ago
One day though, a monster rose up from the ocean deep
And started to attack us like some big annoying creep

We were all too helpless as that monster ran amok
But as fires were raging one old man would have some luck
He found an ancient manuscript which when was read aloud
Flying sharks in masks appeared behind a magic cloud

They played a sound the likes of which our kind had never heard
Solos on guitars that sounding like a singing bird
Drums that pounded mercilessly til the Earth at cracked
The bass was pretty average, but but the vocalist was stacked

The monster from the ocean didn’t even stand a chance
While it ran away our village all began to dance
To this day our village celebrates those fateful days
And summon flying sharks with heavy metal on Thursdays”

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Zearth Wrote: "Descent," "Stagnate," "Ascend."
Zearth’s Song

A warrior so strong he outlived half a dozen kings
Too strong to be taken down, no matter what war brings
Though his life was simple he was bound to swing his sword
Power earned in battle was, for him, its own reward

So began his hunt for ever stronger enemies
But no matter who he fought, he brought them to their knees
Fearful that the skills he couldn’t test would soon stagnate
He found a tournament where he could still participate

His king brought knights and soldiers from all corners of the world
An era of excitement the kingdom had unfurled
As the tournament progressed much talent was displayed
The warrior however felt his plans had been betrayed

Every knight he fought it seemed was weaker than the last
It filled him with anger when the fights would end too fast
Into madness he began a quick and cold descent
Declaring he’d fight every person at the tournament

In the chaos every knight took arms against that man
But the wisest of them quickly dropped their swords and ran
It became a war between the warrior and all
Soon the royal army had to answer to the call

He fought every knight on whom he laid his fearsome eyes
Threatening is own home country with a cruel demise
When the situation looked as grim as it could be
Then a light shone down upon the land for all to see

In the light appeared the god of war the kingdom served
Guardian of battles where he dealt what was deserved
He looked upon the warrior whose quest would never end
And took the mortal in his hand, so they could both ascend

The god of war spoke kindly to the warrior at last
“Though your time had not yet come, the final die was cast
In the realm of gods you’ll find more suitable a war
The realm of mortals can’t contain your power anymore”

The warrior just smiled and tried to kill the deity
And laughed in jubilation when he dodged it easily
Still today they fight each other in an endless bout
Glee in every battle cry and joy in every shout

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Mad Wrote: "Cat", "almond milk", and "clock" lol

Clock’s Song

Once, there was a happy couple in their twilight years
they’d had their share of laughter, though they’d had their share of tears
their children all had grown and left their parents’ almond farm
but they were were happy all their children still were safe from harm

One son became a wizard, and the eldest went to school
the rest were less determined, but among them was no fool
though the farm was more or less abandoned in the end
they had saved more money than they had the time to spend

For at least a dozen years, the couple had a cat
who kept the homestead safe from every sneaky mouse and rat
the three of them together shared a love so wide and deep
but one day the old man passed on while smiling in his sleep

The man had been a well respected elder in the town
his hard work on the farm had earned the old man great renown
he was just the last of all his friends to pass away
and now his widowed wife was quite alone most every day

No more conversations by the fireside every night
they’d always shared a glass of almond milk, and all was right
now the widow shared a silent glass with her old cat
and couldn’t help lamenting it was silent where they sat

One day she walked into town to buy some eggs and cheese
noticing the red and orange colours in the trees
but as she wandered down road, where none should be in sight
she saw a quaint old shop that must have sprouted overnight

She wandered in and saw that it was full of wondrous things
hats and books that read themselves, a tissue box that sings
a pretty girl appeared abruptly in a cloud of fire
claiming she knew just what the old lady would desire

“For a modest price, this clock will suit your needs quite well
it runs a little slow but it’s enchanted with a spell
at exactly midnight when you hear it start to chime
it’ll grant you any wish, but just for one day’s time”

The widow was intrigued and paid the witch a little gold
and then the shop just vanished, once the clock was thusly sold
she finished up her shopping then she went back to her house
pleased to see the cat had finished hunting one more mouse

After dinner she looked on in wonder at the clock
she’d found such a magic tool while on a simple walk
she wondered for a while what sort of wish she ought to make
maybe she could wish to share a nice, delicious cake

In the end, her thoughts would always bring her to her love
the man who now watched over her in peace from up above
but she could never bare to say goodbye to him once more
she’d meet him soon enough regardless of what she wished for

As she sat in silence she decided what she’d wish
right when she was pouring almond milk in the cat’s dish
“I’ll wish that you could talk and we’ll remember bygone days
I’m sure you have some stories of the old man’s silly ways”

And so when midnight struck and the old lady heard that chime
she found the words to wish her cat could talk, and just in time
they spent the whole next day exchanging countless happy tales
the cat recalled the man he knew and spared her no details

“Once when you were shopping, the old man had hatched a plan
he’d pick some flowers for you and he’d put them in a can
but when he brought them in he spilled some water on your dress
when you came back home, he went and  blamed me for the mess”

The widow and the cat had talked and laughed into the night
even as the fire died, the old widows’s face was bright
midnight was approaching and the pair of old friends sighed
but still the cat looked just a little bit unsatisfied

“Tell me dear old cat, what is it that you wish to say
if you want more almond milk, I’ll get some right away”
with loving eyes the cat then spoke, before it was too late
“I really don’t like almond milk, but cow’s milk would be great”


Just a quick disclaimer, milk can be quite bad for pets
Always do your research, so you’ll both have no regrets


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Wing Wrote: peoeyesparkle
Theme: Royal Road is the best 

Royal Road's Song

In this world of magic words and systems, spells and swords
many efforts lead to many places and rewards
mountains, rivers, deserts, plains, and oceans challenge all
those who swim the oceans deep or climb the mountains tall

Many roads are scattered all across this world we know
no one knows how many or how travelled they are though
but today we’ll follow just one pilgrim on their way
down a certain ‘Royal Road’ where many walk today

The pilgrim only started walking this way recently
at first they hesitated and they tread quite cautiously
they weren’t quite sure how they started walking down this road
but felt that if they stopped that all their dreams might just explode

After several days of walking then they realized
they were not alone and they felt really energized
they stopped the first person that they saw to say hello
the pilgrim asked for any information they might know

The person they first found was a young man dressed rather well
and sure enough the man had many stories he could tell
“I’ll be walking on this road until I reach the end
there I’ll be a richer man, on this you can depend”

The man went on ahead and left the pilgrim far behind
but soon the pilgrim saw another, so they didn’t mind
this time it was one old lady, walking with a smile
many often passed her but she enjoyed every mile

“Yes, I’ve been on this nice road for very many years
I’ve seen many pass me by, with laughter, fun, and tears
you go on ahead, I doubt we’ll ever meet again
If you circle back though, do say hello to me then”

The pilgrim went ahead and found another pilgrim soon
they were stopped to eat a big lunch, shortly after noon
“I’ve been walking down this road since long before the sun
now the moonlight’s gone but still my journey’s just begun”

Another pilgrim soon came into view from far behind
running faster than a horse, but he was clearly blind
“everybody move, I’m in a hurry, can’t you see
I must not be late, I have a date with destiny”

He ran and ran until he was completely out of sight
the pilgrim shrugged and walked at their own pace and felt alright
then they saw a little girl who’d tripped and hurt her knee
the pilgrim stopped to help the girl to dress her injury

“I was walking by myself, but someone pushed me down
still though, I’ll continue on, away from my hometown”
she thanked the pilgrim kindly and then limped ahead quite fast
waving with a gentle smile to everyone she passed

For a while the pilgrim walked alone in quiet thought
starting to grow curious what other people sought
where were they all going now, and why at different speeds
how could one road meet so many different people’s needs

Onward went the pilgrim and they soon found someone new
this old man was looking down, a quite surprising view
when the pilgrim asked what the old man was looking at
he pointed to the road and then he tipped his fancy hat

“I’m counting every brick I pass, it’s really fun to do
I’ve walked upon more bricks than anyone, I swear it’s true”
he smiled and then returned to counting, though he walked quite slow
but the pilgrim thought it best to say goodbye and go

They saw a few more people counting many types of stuff
hoping that they’d know when they had counted high enough
“I’m counting all the other people that I’m faster than”
“I’m counting all the steps I’ve taken since my walk began”

The pilgrim met at least a hundred different people soon
all in just the span of one relaxing afternoon
there was just one question that began to haunt their mind
“what are all of us upon this road trying to find”

They walked and walked, and sometimes ran, but everyone they met
hadn’t found a single solid answer for them yet
they all simply made their way according to their taste
whether they enjoyed the scenery or moved with haste

Feeling weary of their ignorance, the pilgrim fell
sitting by the wayside feeling lonely and unwell
while they cried they suddenly heard quite a friendly voice
“little pilgrim, have you come to second guess your choice”

The pilgrim slowly raised their eyes and saw a king and queen
wearing crowns all full of rubies red and emeralds green
such majestic figures who ruled over this whole land
then the king and queen both offered them a helping hand

The pilgrim asked them where the road they walked upon would lead
were there ever pilgrims whose adventure would succeed
the king and queen looked puzzled by the question they had heard
thinking carefully upon the pilgrim’s every word

“Little one, this road is one of many, don’t you know
there’s a road to every place that you could hope to go
though most roads don’t have a sign, you’re free to choose your way
but there’s something nice about the road you walk today

this is called the royal road, it leads you to your dreams
but so broad a destination isn’t what it seems
though it’s led so many pilgrims to complete their quest
there’s no certain destination, as you might have guessed

Each and every brick with which the royal road was made
is crafted by a dreamer of the very highest grade
as for where you’re going, this road doesn’t have an end
that’s why many people choose to walk it with a friend”

The pilgrim looked confused by what the king and queen had said
“will I be trapped walking here until i’m old or dead”
they were worried they might never even find a goal
never mind achieving it while on an endless stroll

“Don’t be scared, for it’s not rare for some people to leave
all for different reasons, some too silly to believe
after all, upon this road, each pilgrim is a guest
and each one you encounter, makes this royal road the best”

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Viforus Wrote: peohello
Theme : The DOOM Master

Master of Doom’s Song

Gather round, and listen here, I’ll sing a tale of old
it must have been a dozen years since last this tale was told
all you youngins grew up in this age of war and hell
since the portals opened you’ve been fighting hard and well

There was once a time before those evil monsters came
when being strong enough to lift a car would earn you fame
now you all have powers that are hard to comprehend
even all your injuries take only days to mend

But in this age of monsters from that other world of doom
where battles only end for moments before they resume
there is only one who can be called the very best
once you hear this legend, you can forget all the rest

He was just a hunter like the rest of you, but weak
fame and recognition were not things he’d ever seek
whenever portals opened, he’d defend his home and friends
but victory is not where this poor hunter’s story ends

The monsters of the olden days were masters of their realm
there likely isn’t any world they wouldn’t overwhelm
you cannot imagine just how scary those things were
those wretched “masters of doom” still hurt me to remember

One day as he fought before a portal near his town
ten more opened next to him, and enemies rained down
he fought so hard he lost his mind, but in the end he lost
but for his grief he vowed that they would surely pay the cost

His home and family were for the monsters to consume
victims of the monsters from that unknown land of doom
on that day when everything seemed hopeless and unfair
everybody noticed something different in the air

No one knows if it was fate or some unheard of skill
but from then, there was no monster that he couldn’t kill
all the monsters from the doom dimension that he found
once they caught his eye, they were in pieces on the ground

That was many years ago, so where is that man now
and why were there so many monsters back then anyhow
well, until he came along, the monsters came in waves
legions of those things put countless hunters in their graves

Today when portals open only one or two come out
still they may be strong, but they are fewer, there’s no doubt
this is thanks to that old hunter, who went mad with grief
and did something that anyone would think beyond belief

One day, after dealing with three waves, or was it five
he stood before a portal fairly injured, put alive
without a single word, no single ‘farewell’ or ‘goodbye’
he took a breath and jumped straight into one great portals eye

According to the government, he died in that attack
after all, nobody ever went their and came back
after that day, fewer monsters came through portals now
though no one that you’ll talk to can agree on why or how

But I think that the reason is as clear as it could be
that’s because when portals open, sometimes you can see
far behind the monster that emerges through that door
to the doom dimension is an endless, raging war

Monsters all in chaos, fighting desperately to live
but monsters aren’t a creature any human would forgive
so look into that ‘doom dimension, all despair in gloom
we may have sent those monsters our own world’s master of doom

peoreaper DrakanAngry

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Angelsonggd Wrote: Gods(greek god),  War, humans

Just a little author’s note before you dive on in
I enjoyed this prompt so much it may have been a sin
digging into Greek mythology was such a ride
hopefully the time it took to write is justified

Το τραγούδι του Σκαμάνδρος
Scamander’s Song


Greece had always been a very interesting place
as soon as they were born, the gods were caught up in the race
Gaia did her best to keep her family in line
but Gaia was the happiest to meet the god of wine

The world became a busy place, and all the more so Greece
the gods of war seemed busier by far than gods of peace
some were more creative though, and tinkered here and there
Prometheus was one titan who did more than his share

Some were quick to criticize his work, but it caught on
his golden statues decorated even Zeus’s lawn
he must have been a better craftsman than he realized
for one day all the statues sprung to life and looked surprised

They called themselves the human race, and now they’re everywhere
and gods found them more fun to watch than any bird or bear
soon whatever humans filled their time with was their muse
And humans were an entertainment any god could use

But this is not the story of the grandest gods of old
their stories are as epic as they are often retold
compared to Zeus and Hera, our new friend might seem quite odd
but you may come to understand the limping river god

Πρώτος Στίχος
First Verse

Scamander was the humble son of titans of the sea
but he was not a god as great as other gods could be
he wasn’t like Simoeis, known for torrents fast and strong
nor like his old friend Nilus, who was fertile, loved, and long

Almost every river’s reputation made him sad
especially when he was thinking of the life he had
Scamander didn’t run like any river would have planned
he was known to limp and wander through a certain land

As bitter as Scamander was about the life he led
he took his time enjoying all the lives his river fed
he watched the poets write, the artists paint, the lovers swim
and of the gods, no one had heard as many songs as him

One day as he limped along the river he was on
in a worse mood than the river god called Acheron
he came across a man who played a Hermes-crafted lyre
and though it sounded beautiful, he smelled of smoke and fire

“Who are you, your songs are like no music I have heard
you could rival any song performed by any bird”
the song he played was sad but sweet, a song of love and loss
as melancholy as the river he now looked across

“Orpheus is what I’m called, but please just leave me be
I could do without another river’s company”
Orpheus stood up and started wandering away
but then Scamander called to him, requesting that he stay

“Please just sit a while, I promise not to bother you
I’ll make sure you can play your songs in peace, so play a few”
Orpheus was taken with the earnest river’s pleas
Scamander knelt and begged the man, despite his aching knees

“Very well, I’ll pay you back for your sincerity
I’ll play as long as I can sit with you here peacefully”
and so began the friendship of the river and the lyre
both accommodating of the other one’s desire

A place to play the music of an aching, lonely soul
and music that could make a melancholy river whole
in time the lyre’s remorseful music showed a hint of cheer
the two would sing together, sharing more than just a tear

“I’m thankful for your company, your river brings me peace
your friendship is more treasure to me, than this golden fleece
there is nowhere better in this world where I could be
here there is no heartbreak, yes I finally feel free”

Orpheus explained the reason for his endless woe
of how he lost his love beside a river long ago
but now he was at peace beside the river with his friend
though peace was not an easy thing for someone to defend

Δεύτερος Στίχος
Second Verse

Humans were the natural inhabitants of earth
and they were known to tip the scales of war to measure worth
Scamander didn’t care for war, but even he had tried
and when he did, it always left him quite unsatisfied

In the end, Scamander was no god of war at all
even human warriors could best him in a brawl
and even when he had the upper hand it always seemed
he couldn’t understand the way that other rivers schemed

Once he had a man they called Achilles on the run
trying to rebuke him for the way he warred for fun
but he escaped and somehow fell into the river Styx
becoming much too big a problem for the god to fix

The mess Achilles made took many years for him to clean
the dead that clogged his rivers were the worst he’d ever seen
but as he limped along he did eventually succeed
and once again Scamander’s limping rivers were all freed

But things were not so peaceful even when Achilles died
the humans couldn’t keep the peace for two days if they tried
for now the gods were using them as if they were a game
indulging in vicarious attempts at fun and fame

As Scamander sang along with Orpheus one day
the humans celebrated all the people they could slay
driven by the backing of their favoured gods of war
every time a battle ended, they’d all start some more

Soon no matter where Scamander’s river could be fed
battlefields all full of corpses turned his river red
the riverbanks were overrun by corpses’ putrid smell
the music stopped as Orpheus began to feel unwell

“I’m sorry dear Scamander, I’m afraid that I must go
the smell of death reminds me of what I lost long ago
maybe one day I’ll return, should human bloodshed cease
I must find a place where I can play my lyre in peace”

Τρίτος Στίχος
Third Verse

Scamander felt as though the river in his heart had dried
but he could never catch his friend no matter how he tried
he limped along until he could not go on anymore
he sat beneath a tree and cursed the humans’ endless war

He thought perhaps that if he waited, all the blood would stop
but all the humans seemed to want to spill every last drop
he watched the gods above them laughing, urging them to fight
blessing some and cursing others, every day and night

He wondered if he’d rather all his rivers should run dry
or find a quiet valley where no one could see him cry
for years he watched his rivers run with blood beneath the gods
who blessed them all with countless spears and rocks and lightning rods

One day though, he noticed something happening beyond
Athena had just called upon their father to respond
an argument had broken out between two gods of war
Ares and Athena were not playing anymore

Scamander couldn’t hear what they were arguing about
but when a rock struck Ares he could hear his painful shout
Athena wounded him and Zeus said he should not return
but still the fires that Ares started continued to burn

Scamander knew that Ares was a fair, impartial god
the only quality of his Scamander could applaud
but as he watched the injured god of war run off and hide
He noticed that a moment’s peace had come in with the tide

That was when another river, Lethe, passed him by
Singing to himself while looking blankly at the sky
“Look at those olympians all arguing again
What is it they see in the affairs of mortal men”

Τέταρτος Στίχος
Fourth Verse

Lethe wasn’t often seen, nor was he hard to find
he simply wandered through the realms with nothing in his mind
no one knows what he was like when he ran in Hades
before he drank Hypnos’s waters at a few parties

Now in sheer oblivion he met Scamander there
flowing so forgetfully without a single care
Scamander tried to tell him what the war had been about
but he’d forget it anyway, of that there was no doubt

“All you need to know is that the war has waged too long
and thanks to them, I’m never more to hear my best friend’s song”
Lethe looked in pity at Scamander, stained with blood
who rested on his knees beside the river in the mud

“Dear old friend, I understand the reason for your pain
all the souls that flood my banks are driving me insane
they drink and drink but never quench their thirst because they’re dead
my rivers run as low in hades as your streams run red”

The old forgetful god had understood Scamander’s woe
almost able to recall that they’d met long ago
they were once two babbling brooks who played beneath the sun
long before their streams diverged and warring had begun

Scamander looked up at his old forgetful friend and sighed
as Lethe looked toward a very distant mountain side
“Isn’t he the strongest of the gods who like to fight
how was he so wounded that he’s hiding there in fright”

Scamander looked and noticed Ares hiding far away
wounded very badly from the fight he’d had that day
Lethe shook his head and then he said in somber tone
“he should be more careful, he looks weak and all alone”

Lethe’s words were meant to be of pity, but instead
like a bolt of lightning, hit Scamander in the head
he stood and turned to look at Lethe with a cheerful grin
“Lethe, if you help me, I think that we might just win”

Πέμπτος Στίχος
Fifth Verse

Scamander didn’t waste another second sitting down
but Lethe was confused and so he asked him with a frown
“how could just the two of us win anything at war
please remind me also of what we’d be fighting for”

“Listen to me Lethe, for I have a cunning plan
but we shall need to hurry just as fast as we both can
Ares is now weakened and alone well out of sight
finally, we have a chance to put this nonsense right”

“Did you just say Ares, even I remember him
even in that state he could kill thousands on a whim
do you think a pair of rivers ever stood a chance
he could kill a limping river god with just a glance”

“That is true, although it hurts to hear you say it now
I think that it’s possible though, let me tell you how
once, I saw an army fighting with too small a force
but they won because they hid inside a giant horse

We’ll disguise ourselves to earn his trust and then attack
to get some peace and quiet, we must stab him in the back”
Scamander looked intently at his absent minded friend
a kindred spirit on whom he was sure he could depend

“I guess I have no choice if I’m to ever rest again
it’s time that someone ushered peace toward the land of men
after we kill Ares, we can finally relax
we’ll be worshipped as the gods of cowardly attacks”

Έκτος Στίχος
Sixth Verse

Lethe laughed and helped Scamander climb the famous hill
Mount Olympus hosted one who they both planned to kill
both were dressed as goddesses, in robes that reached the ground
hiding both their faces under helmets they had found

“Lethe, you’ll be Aphrodite, his old secret flame
I shall be Athena, please just don’t forget that name
you’ll confess your love for Ares, but don’t show your face
I’ll sneak round and stab him while he’s locked in your embrace”

Lethe heard Scamander’s plan at least a dozen times
Scamander even tried to help it stick by using rhymes
eventually he settled on the very simplest plan
in the worst case they could still escape him if they ran

On the way they looked back down upon the land of men
who, without the help of Ares, settled down again
but they knew that he’d return before much time had passed
then a war would wage until old Kronos breathed his last

Both were very thankful that his injury was great
for Ares was to die, but first he’d have to sit and wait
rivers rarely run up hills, and that was half of it
one’s old memory was shot and one was hardly fit

After several days they made the climb to meet their foe
exhausted and confused but both still ready for the show
they found the god of war in tears upon a big tree stump
on his leg a cut and on a head a nasty bump

When he heard the rattle of their helmets he was scared
he was in no mood for fighting, nor was he prepared
“who goes there, now show yourself, you cannot hide from me
if you have no wish to die then I suggest you flee”

Έβδομος Στίχος
Seventh Verse

Luckily the pair arrived one cloudy summer night
and it was difficult to see them both by candle light
“it is I, Athena, and I come here bearing news
a friend requests an audience, and you should not refuse”

“Athena, your voice sounds so strange, what happened to your speech”
apparently, her voice had been beyond Scamander’s reach
“It is nothing, brother, I have simply caught a cold
do not waste my time again, when did you grow so bold”

“Apologies, my honoured sister, please do get well soon”
Ares bowed in fear as clouds revealed the glowing moon
when he looked back up he saw Scamander’s strange attire
confused about the helmet, he continued to inquire

“Why do you adorn yourself in such a human thing
to a goddess like yourself, what safety could it bring”
“I shall call our father here, if you don’t watch your tone
how I choose to dress is no one’s business but my own”

Scamander’s honest rage began to seep into his voice
when Ares shrank in fear he knew he’d made the perfect choice
“I know we’ve had our differences, but that’s not why I’m here
I have brought a guest to whom you ought to lend an ear”

Ares looked around Scamander to his other guest
“who are you and why are you so odd, I mean, well dressed”
Scamander nudged his friend to say his lines as they’d rehearsed
but if the Dionysus was nearby he would have cursed

“I am Aphrodite, I am here to, do something
oh, that’s right, it is a lover’s message that I bring
I desire to be with you, wait, who are you again
anyways, I cannot be with any other men”

Ares started weeping tears of joy at what he heard
Scamander thought he’d never witnessed something so absurd
“I guess love makes fools of all” he said under his breath
when, while Ares held Lethe, he stabbed Ares to death

Όγδοος Στίχος
Eighth Verse

As if Thanatos had snapped his fingers, he was gone
for the first time in so long, they met a peaceful dawn
Lethe shook Scamander’s hand and said “nice to meet you”
Scamander smiled and replied “yes, it’s nice to meet you too”

Lethe wandered back to Hades, feeling quite confused
while Scamander thanked him for the friendship he’d abused
he limped back down the mountain through a village now at peace
several gods were disappointed that the war should cease

In frustration many gods began to whine and shout
but it made Scamander happy when he saw them pout
he found somewhere quiet by the riverside to rest
satisfied but tired out from his overwhelming quest

He watched with trepidation at the water by his feet
and soon there was no trace of rotten blood or flesh and meat
fish were swimming through the river’s water so serene
the sky was blue, the water clear, and all the grass was green

Just as he began to hum a tune he longed to hear
he began to notice several footsteps drawing near
anxious that some vengeful spirit may be haunting him
he prepared to run but thought he’d rather try and swim

Just before he jumped into the river though, he saw
two gods who had not arrived to enforce any law
Orpheus and Lethe walking slowly side by side
one looked happy but the other looked dissatisfied

“I see you’ve cleaned the river up, I missed you very much
I tried to sing alone, but without you I’d lost my touch
by the way, I ran into this river here last night
if he sat together with us, would that be alright”

“Of course, the two of you are both quite welcome by my side
though he lacks a memory, without him I’d have died”
Orpheus began to play a joyful melody
but Lethe seemed quite anxious as he sat beneath a tree

“You must be Scamander, I believe we might have met
do forgive me sir, there are some things that I forget
recently in Hades war has broken out, so please
let me sit and sing with you both, far from that Ares”

Scamander laughed and limped toward his absent minded friend
welcoming him to a celebration without end
the trio and the world around were peaceful and content
then Orpheus remembered he had two gifts to present

“I have a golden fleece for each of you to match my own
now the perfect blanket won’t be mine and mine alone
the golden ram who fled the world to live among the stars
gifted me his winter coat once when we met on mars”

And so Scamander’s journey story ends with nothing out of place
joyful music in his ears, a smile upon his face
Lethe wandered off once he’d forgotten how to sing
and Orpheus could play his lyre, not bothered by a thing