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Joseph Wrote: I prefer high fantasy. But any stories will do as long as they're wholesome.
In short, just blast this topic with whatever story you think is good (including your own!) and I will go through it when I have time! 

I have just written mine as well, you're welcome to read it if you like fantasy genre. :)
Wrath of Titans
Welp, mine is a combination of epic, high, and dark fantasy.

Has a literary style, and not a casual read. Wholesome, yes, yes it is.

Though, take note, almost every part has a slower start, but gradually becomes faster. To completely understand it, you will have to keep track of the summary, chapter titles, and verse on the book cover. Not to concern yourself though, unlike my earlier versions. This one gives a lot more to help the readers along, though, it may or may not be easy. As it goes along, it will make sense. I should also clarify, this is persistent throughout the series, meaning you will have to keep track of everything until the end of the final book.

The first book’s main conflict is between two halves, but this goes much deeper. 

Restoration(Book 1)

At the moment though, I am reconstructing the second book in the series.

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We have here a fantasy story that follows the life of the two main characters (as well as other POVs). It is quite slow paced as we follow them as they grow, learning about the world and the fantastical elements, as well as the plot that slowly unfolds. It might be too slow paced for some people, but it does have a relaxing, adventurous vibe, sometimes even kind of slice-of-lifey, even if there are more serious plot elements.

I just copied Temple's review of my story xD I hope you try it :D

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Mine is a swords and sorcery adventure with comedic narration. It follows an aspiring necromancer as he fails to prevent himself becoming embroiled in a conflict between an evil cult and an equally evil empire. Check it out if you like incredibly insecure protagonists who try to cover it up with narcissism - also if you like magic.

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Legend of the Spellthief is a high fantasy isekai story following Logan who was gifted the hybrid class of a Spellthief. The story contains plenty of descriptive areas and scenarios, as well as bloody combat with disastrous wounds and the removal of limbs. He isn't overpowered but he does have his advantages as well as his disadvantages. Aside from combat, the fiction contains plenty of exploration, dialogue, and is slowly moving into some crafting.

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Just managed to check out some of the works, here's my reviews!

Restoration by Edge Valmond - A little too poetic for my taste. But guess what, I envy you! My first work in RR was also a story with a poetic touch (though it no longer exists) and I think you have done a better job than me. Have given you a follow! 

Erden: Tale of a Land Forgotten by Alkereel - What a cute story! I think it deserves a comedy tag! Though being hilarious was not the main focus of the story, the innocence and curiosity of Urie did bring a smile to my face. Got my follow. :)

The Beast and The Swallow by Ariana Vivoni - What great visuals you have brought up in your prose! Though romance is not my thing, the beauty of your sceneries really impressed me. Also, your conversations have this medieval vibe that I always wish my stories to achieve (Not too heavy but at least some tone of it), will come back and learn from you more, so followed you. ;)

Legend of The Spellthief by MalevolenceMau - Good image designs you have! Can see that you put a lot of effort into it. But it seems drawing is not your only strength, your prose and dialogs have come rather impressive too. I like how you describe things in a simple but vivid way but especially your dialogs, they really come naturally and warm and the characters feel real. Have followed you to see what I can learn from your work further. 

I will go through more works when I'm free! Meanwhile, continue to pour in your recommendations! XD

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Joseph Wrote: Legend of The Spellthief by MalevolenceMau - Good image designs you have! Can see that you put a lot of effort into it. But it seems drawing is not your only strength, your prose and dialogs have come rather impressive too. I like how you describe things in a simple but vivid way but especially your dialogs, they really come naturally and warm and the characters feel real. Have followed you to see what I can learn from your work further.
That is quite warming to hear, thanks for the praise! I always feel my dialogue can be better, so hearing such a compliment helps with my confidence there.

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Alrighty, so gonna recommend 3 stories that ain't mine, and then I'll rec mine.

The Mercurial Lives of Kajulan and Tekole - A lovely light romp with VERY good style. Almost like a folktale. It's fun, funny, and I think most people will like it.

Wild Meridian - Light fantasy with DEEP world building and deep characters, set in modern-day earth-equivalent archipelago. It's slow, so if slow is not for you it's not for you, but I love it.

Lord of the Kingdom of Bone: Revelation - Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy zombie story heavily influenced by the Christian gospel. I think, however, that this story shines most as a study of a community and the people who live there (which is done fantastically).  

Drinker of the Yew - My story. This is dark fantasy, bordering on the epic poem and parable genres. It follows the story of a necromancer, Nayinis, with each chapter being a self-contained anecdote of her life. Mostly first person, but the first chapter is 3rd person.

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Reminiscence; Memories of Eternity is an epic high fantasy adventure romantasy with scientific elements.

It has prophecies, elves, deities, magic, magitech, and mechas. 

Set during the waning days of the Universe, it deals with the conflicting ideologies of a rebellious human prince and a devout elven goddess. Some underlying themes are—the dangers of hero worship, free-will vs predestination, freedom vs safety, chaotic democracy vs benevolent autocracy, etc.

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If you like fantasy, feel free to check out mine. They're all different varieties of fantasy so it depends on what you want. :)

Bloodshard is a sort of mystery, sort of progression, but a bit darker and more psychological. Less typical hero and more innocent commoner dragged into unwanted chaos.

Trickster's Luck is about a girl living in a fantasy game in the far future who gets a special class, but she's not the only one and by the time she arrives the world of the game has already been shaped by others.

An Unwanted Dragon is the closest thing I have to a traditional fantasy, about a girl at magic school who unexpectedly has to raise a dragon and must come to terms with all her plans for her life being ruined.

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Awakening: Prodigy
The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man and left humanity's scattered survivors trapped in an endless battle for survival.

That's a battle Council Academy all-star Seth Wright learned the hard way, barely surviving his first encounter with demonic entities. Now aware of the peril mankind faces, he's desperate to learn what he must to defeat them - but the only person willing to help him is veteran demon hunter Astral Daamon, and only so she can pursue her own investigation into corruption within the walls of the Council Academy.
But what they uncover together is far more terrifying than mere conspiracy - challenging everything Seth thought he knew about fighting demons. Beneath the foundations of the academy itself, an ancient and malevolent evil is stirring from its slumber - and unless Seth is willing to sacrifice what he believes could protect humanity  from annihilation, this demon will rise and devour everyone he cares about.
Seth is being forced to weigh the lives of his classmates against the fate of humanity. When the moment comes, will he make the right decision?

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If you’re into fantasy, subversive yet cliche
written to be fun, yet epic, please don’t look away
mine’s a combination of a novel and a song
here’s the introduction - by the way, it’s not too long


Every child in every town has heard adventure’s call
songs and stories of the hero, known and loved by all
but every now and then a stubborn child will come along
who will not rest until they’ve been the hero in a song

But what awaits the child who chases dreams until their end
those who challenge fate with every day they have to spend
would they know the questions to the answers which they find
what of all the family and friends they left behind

Should this be a tale of good and evil, or of fate
choices made in moments lost and battles won too late
somewhere on the hero’s path he might just go astray
maybe it’s a simple song to those who know the way

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Sure! My story is a Survival Fantasy. Daxton died full of regret at his meaningless life, but was reincarnated in another world, and given a quest to save it from the mysterious corruption. 

All humanity has been wiped out in this new world, and Dax must learn to survive on his own. He will have to unravel the secrets of magic itself, and explore a dead civilization to learn what he needs to turn back the corruption and save the world.

I dunno how wholesome it is, but it doesn't have smut. There are other characters, so he's not totally alone as well. It's a fun story to write, and I hope you have fun reading it!