Re: Forgotten Cultivation Story

So, I'm not totally certain if it was posted here or if I read it somewhere else. The very first scene is something like one large passenger boat is heading to a xianxia academy, and the mc follows along in a worse one person boat. He's like a genius from the mundane world, and the cultivation world is hidden away from everyone else. It was a harem story (I think).

I remember the MC's 'cheat skill' thing being that he was able to use accelerated learning by like absorbing the books or something from the academy library? Anyway, the story was really long, at least like 1000 pages, and the setting moved away from the school pretty soon after the story started.

Does that sound familiar to anyone? I'm pretty sure I read it here, but maybe it was deleted?

Re: Forgotten Cultivation Story


namagderas Wrote: Its focus. was here, but removed by author, awespec. still posted on other agregators, like readlightnovel. I think novel name changed to reaper.
Hard to understand what you want to say... 
If I may? I will repeat it in my own words:

It may be Reaper Of The Martial World by Awespec. 
It was deleted on RoyalRoad, but you can still find it somewhere else if you google it...

Not sure if it's the one you were searching for though 🤔