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Cinn Wrote: Welcome. That's a pretty epic banner you've got going.

Yeah, I do not actually own the image. So, I'm just waiting to see how long they take before removing it.

Cinn Wrote: All my usual advice for things like visibility and RR can be found here;

Thank for the advice thread. I think it will come in handy.

Cinn Wrote: I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.


Re: ~~Hehe~~

Welcome to RR! It seems l your story 'The Reckoning of the Evil Dragon' has found a readership here. Grats! 

I'm fairly new here myself (a few weeks old). I finding a lot of fun in supporting new authors in the new release section with a few encouraging words. I've found a few hidden gems in the bunch which I was all to happy to follow and upvote. Remember following stories goes a long way to help out your fellow writers - it's part of what makes this place a great community.

The only real advice I can offer is be patient, but be consistent with your writing - post on a regular schedule after the first 10 days of posting. Readers trust reliable writers over the quality of the writing. That sounds so weird to say - but as my spouse tells me, he enjoys light reading before bed, where I enjoy heavy thoughtful content. That just means everyone has their preferences, and the posting schedule should match your ability to produce consistent quality of your writing style and story.

Best of luck.