Re: Advanced Review Swaps

Looking to get some more review swaps done, since all my current ones are complete.

I will return an advanced review with one of my own on the story in your signature or the one you link here. Once I receive one from you I will work on yours, so it's a first review first served kinda deal. If you feel as if you don't like the story or would give a bad rating feel free to PM and give a heads up about it, I'll do the same. A lot of my reviews are detailed, I'd like to think, feel free to look at my previous ones through my profile.

My fiction, Legend of the Spellthief, hits 10,000 words at Chapter 2 - A Taste of Battle, but if you read further I will return the amount you read back unless I really like your story and want to read more. If you leave comments on the chapters I will also try to return these, I tend to give a lot of grammar/spelling/flow suggestions in my comments if I don't have any outstanding comments or thoughts on what transpired in the chapter.

As a forewarning, I do not like romance/sex centric stories, especially if the sex scenes are written out. Most other stories are fair game, though I have a preference for Fantasy and GameLit/LitRPG.

The Butcher of Gadobhra
Flight of The Draykes
Musical Land
Darke Mag'yx
Sovereign of Loss Book 1: Invader
Awakening: Prodigy

Re: Advanced Review Swaps

Happy to do an advanced swap. I'll start reading on yours tonite. I know my own story barely gets started at 10k so I'll be aiming to read more of yours. Mine is Fantasy Litrpg in a VR world. It follows a group of 4 main characters. Some chapters are from very different viewpoints: Streamers reporting on a new game, the employees of the corporations vying for control, the game designers, and a few antagonists. 

Re: Advanced Review Swaps


I'm interested in the review swap. My novel is the Flight of The Draykes and it's a fantasy alt-historical novel with elements of cultivation along with elements of GameLit novels.

I'm game for a 15k review swap since that will provide a fair idea for the two of us.

Be warned though that my initial 6 chapters are part of my original draft before I changed my style completely, so the change might be a bit jarring. The quality will also (hopefully) improve as you read.