Re: Should you put a genre in your title? (Debate)

I've seen a few fictions that have either their genre after a hyphen or within brackets.

Examples, not real stories:
Sword of Death, a Fantasy Tale
Gamer's Life - A GameLit Story
Numbers and Hacks (LitRPG)

Is this more of a digital thing to do, to entice readers and aid in the searching functions finding their work? Do you see it as tacky or unnecessary when it's already in the tags? Or is it a necessary thing to do to draw in traffic?
I'm not sure if I should be adding (LitRPG) to my story like a few others I have seen do to drive up those view numbers.

Re: Should you put a genre in your title? (Debate)

I'm of mixed feelings on the matter.  

At first, I didn't like it at all, but I've come around to it if it's used appropriately.  The examples you give aren't because it doesn't add anything that isn't already in the tags.  
Instead, I think an appropriate use would be to really nail down in 2-3 words what the story is about.  For example, from Rising Stars, "Norsege Isles: A Farming LitRPG Survival Experience" (decent, if a bit wordy), "RealmShaker: Giant Progression LitRPG" (good); and "Memories of the Void [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]."  Obviously, we don't have tags for some of these (farming, giant) and even if we do, just having all the tags selected doesn't necessary indicate how they're tied together ("giant progression LitRPG").  Also, while genres and tags may be selected because they apply to a story, it's hard to tell what is core vs. ancillary.  

For example, I've been toying with changing the title of one of my stories to "Candlelit Lives [Sequential Reincarnation]" to indicate that the story is in the same vein as Many Lives of Cadence Lee, Reboot Reality, and In Loki's Honor. 

Re: Should you put a genre in your title? (Debate)

I think it protects stories from a lot of 0.5-star ratings. Especially if the genre is a bit more divisive e.g. harem or LGBTQ stuff. 
I also wouldn't underestimate how much pull the words Litrpg and progression have on this site. A lot of people almost exclusively read in these genres. What are they going to click first when scrolling down trending or whatever?
But I agree that it looks tacky.

Re: Should you put a genre in your title? (Debate)

I think it looks cheap, but works.

It's a flaw of the Tag system, I think. 90% of stories just have the tags "Action, Adventure, Fantasy", or some similiar combination. I don't think many people click on the Plus sign to show other tags as well. (I didn't even know that feature existed until recently). And even if you do, it's likely that there will be 15-20 tags, and you can't tell what's the most important, and what isn't. At the same time, authors can't really just put the 3-4 most important/specific tags, because they will get left out of all searches which include the tags they omitted, it's normal to "spam" all tags that are even slightly relevant...

So in the end, the Title ends up being a really solid place to include the most important tags. It's marketing, to attract viewers who are lovers of that genre without them even having to click on your story first [url=][/url]