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I want to make sure my book doesn't get in trouble. Before I ask my question, a quick background on my story so it makes sense. It's an alternate universe story, where all the characters are historical figures. They are brought together in the same universe. In this universe, musicals are their real life. Because of this, the arts are cherished and considered the better option, and science and math are considered pointless. I've ignored the things that usually divide people (politics and religion) and focus instead on this battle between the arts and sciences. So overall, it's a story about fourteen-year-old Marie Curie trying to figure out her place in a world that is trying to stifle all science and math from her life because it's too "dangerous".  

That being said, I do have some political figures in this book. For the first two books (which are already published here), I tried to go with the "safe" options, meaning Abe Lincoln is on the sympathetic good side, and Adolf Hitler is a horrible school bully. They are who they are in a more arts vs. science world instead of the political one. Now, the trouble with this is in book three (not yet completely written) the reader gets a deeper look into the government side of this musical city. When I was trying to find a good real life historical figure to use, I wanted to have a political figure who was also just as famous for his contributions in the arts in the real world. And therefore, it just had to be Ronald Reagan. He fits perfectly.

Now we come to my issue. There is a strict no politics rule here, which I completely respect. However, I'm afraid that despite my efforts to completely strip this character of his real life political affiliations and stick him in a gray situation in my book, people are going to have an immediate reaction to it. He's not quite as "safe" like Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. Ronald Reagan has amassed a group of worshipers, and also a group of haters, and both can get pretty vocal here on the internet. 

After that long explanation, my question is this: can I publish book three with Ronald Reagan in it and not get in trouble with the no politics rule? Or will I just have to publish it elsewhere with a link for my readers to follow and get the rest of the story? Is this something I should just directly ask the admin? 

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Wait there was a no politics rule?
Well, who cares, because you wouldn't be put on the list. You aren't trying to push some political agenda, so it's fine. Of course, if your story gets popular at all, I'm sure you could get some haters, but unless you really are pushing an agenda, you aren't getting flagged by the admins.
Remember, you're literally just putting a person who existed into a story. If someone thinks there is something political about that, they can go fall where I can't see em'.

Re: Too political for Royal Road?

I'm of course not an admin, and it would probably be best to directly message them, since you'd rather be safe than sorry.

However, the no 'real-world content' rule seems to focus heavily on real-world religion and being respectful to religious groups. Reagan's policies and the effect of his presidency is still felt in the modern day, so you're right that you'd have to tread pretty carefully with including him in your story. You could consider a more historical figure that can be portrayed in a more neutral tone, but that's up to you.
On the other hand, if including Hitler in any respect can be considered 'safe' then I don't think there's going to be a problem with Reagan. The effects of Hitler's regime are still pretty relevant in today's political landscape, and the same problems you've listed for Reagan are the same for Hitler.
But either way, if there's even the slightest chance of your story being in conflict with the rules, better ask the admins.

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The rules are quite vague on this. They say definitely not to insult or make derogatory comments on "religion" or "real-world groups", but only says "avoid politics and religion" rather than specifying that specifically. 

I think you will have to be slightly careful with Reagan, but keep in mind he's also been out of the presidency for 35 years and dead for almost 20; you probably don't have much to worry about as long as you aren't doing sincere political rallying, I bet you're fine. It's where you express specific political opinions using that character, and do so in an anvilicious manner, that I think is going to be against the rules.

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Ellen Wrote: He's not quite as "safe" like Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler.

I never thought I'd read this sentence.

I imagine you are just fine, it doesn't seem to me that you are trying to push a political agenda or bring about IRL political discussion(which is what that rule is mainly targeted, to as a debate over that will usually get very heated). If I were you I would keep an eye on the comment sections of your chapters to be sure that nobody get into a heated, toxic political argument.

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The rules do say not to get too political, but I don't really think you have much to worry about an alternate history thing that isn't even taking place in present day. Not really sure why you'd think Hitler would be safe though, and while some good things happened under old Abe's leadership, he wasn't really all that great a guy either. Not many well known people are when looked at through a modern lens.