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Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

I just use 'chapter 1, chapter 2, ...'. As a reader, you don't tend to pay any special attention to the chapter title, though it may help centre a thematic device in the reader's mind if they're related. 
I think the value of chapter titles is more for the writer, they can help you keep the 'point' of the chapter in mind, or sum up to yourself what its about.
Eitherway, I think it's just a preference thing. They can be fun, but I've never been able to conistently think of a good title XD

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

I think for serials it might help get more attention, if readers see something eye-catching in the newest updates list.

Personally, I tend not even to really see chapter titles. I mean, obviously I can see them, but I tend to just slide over them to get to the content, so for me it really makes zero difference.

I don't use titles on my own chapters, just numbers alone, or number plus the PoV character for that chapter. Until recently, everything I wrote was intended to be released as self-contained novels. Also, chapter titles can be spoilers sometimes. I don't plan to change that.

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

I like thinking of chapter titles that are interesting, but don't give away the plot point that the chapter is about. I also find that as a reader, it's nice to start with a titled chapter. It might be a holdover from when I was younger and enjoyed fantasy along the lines of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, but those books always had chapter titles. 

I do think it's hard to write good chapter titles. Sometimes, it's harder than the actual chapter! But it's mainly a decorative thing, I don't think a lot of people make snap judgements on the basis of whether a chapter has a title or not. Even in the Newly Updated section, I think a cover and a good plot summary are more important than the Chapter title.

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?


Bird Wrote: Personally I am fine with either, but I’m curious about what you guys think. As readers and authors, is it worth it to add titles to chapters or is it a waste of time?
There are several reasons why having a proper title is a good idea.

1. Professionalism.

It shows that the author took the time and care to even go that far, as well as solidifying each end of the story.

2. Chapter titles itself can also be part of the story telling process.

This will be picked up on by the more critical readers, who try to find out as much as they can. 

3. It makes editing a lot easier.

For instance, my works are extremely long. As a result, it helps to quickly identify which specific chapter issues might be in.

4. Readers and or critiques cannot pull any B.S.

By this I mean, chapter titles also serves as a pathway. There are times where readers and or critiques try to find something wrong with the story. In reality, I know it inside and out, so I can gauge exactly when their question will be answered. Normally it has either been answered or about to be.

It allows you to lock down your story, and take even greater control over it. 

Now as for an even more personal take on it, I will most likely never read a book without chapter titles. I find it lazy, and it doesn’t give me anything to think about. It also makes it pretty difficult to keep track of where I have been, and what possibly was contained in a specific part. I link the chapter titles to what happens in each part, a few triggering words you can say. As a result, if I have been away for some time. I can easily read the title, and get caught up. Which brings me to another point, titles can help readers remember what has happened, and serves as an easier point to remember where they are. 

This can get even more complex. Just a number does nothing, a proper name will not only refresh, but it also can help someone pick up where they left off. Needless to say, aside from the professionalism of it. It has a purpose in assisting those who view it. 

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

As a reader I don't actually read chapter titles...

That being said, if you like coming up with chapter titles go for it! It can't hurt :D

But also, if coming up with titles is stressful and time consuming I would recommend skipping it. Your time and emotional energy are probably better spent elsewhere. I read a ton of printed books that just use numbers for chapter titles, so your in good company no matter your decision.

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

It helps, 100%. At least on my story. If I go over to the Author's Dashboard, I can see the amount of views per chapter. My chapter 20 has a few thousand more views than my chapter 13, all because of the title, I think. 

Now, I name my chapters after what happened in the previous chapter that the reader knows will happen in the current, so as to not spoil anything. Like, at the end of chapter 19, two groups of people met up together. So, I called chapter 20 "Regroup." 

I have also posted my chapters at the same and day for the last 8 months. So, I don't believe that it just so happened that three thousand more people happened to see it on the latest releases section. I could be wrong, but it has happened so many times over the course of almost 100 chapters, that it doesn't seem possible. This was something that I wanted to know about when first starting out. Now I have a bit of evidence to turn my initial hypothesis into a theory. 

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?


scost Wrote: I think the value of chapter titles is more for the writer, they can help you keep the 'point' of the chapter in mind, or sum up to yourself what its about.

CoolDragonZae Wrote: I find chapter titles super helpful for keeping track of which chapter is which.

Basically this but extending to reading as well. Week to week, chapters titles arn't important. But if I ever want to refer to something or check a plot point, having a small description of what the chapter was about is much much more helpful than blank numbers.

I'd argue without a title for the chapter, there really isn't even a point of including a number. Maybe when telling someone where to go (check chapter 24) it might be better than a blank name. But it's functionally useless in terms of trying to find something yourself. You end up checking a dozen different chapters trying to find a scene and the number doesn't help.

That being said webtoons that have thumbnails function the same as chapter titles for me.

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?


CoolDragonZae Wrote: I find chapter titles super helpful for keeping track of which chapter is which.

It also makes each chapter feel like an event -segmented yet significant chunks in a much larger story. I want readers to be like, "Whoa, Chapter Eleven was crazy! I can't believe that thing from Chapter Four paid off." Having chapter names assists in internally organizing that information.
Yeah, quite a bit in the earlier versions of my work. My readers have stopped, and thought about other chapters. They would realize that each chapter they read are constantly in play one way or another. On top of this, there are those who even picked up on the naming process of the titles.

One thing that also helps with paving the way to the finale, bringing the story to its height are that titles. Consider it a progression method. Typically, the way I write is complex. You’re gonna have to do quite a bit of thinking, even though I made it a lot easier to understand. One of the reasons, is the main themselves. While you learn about them through their perspective, it is only to an extent. You would have to pay attention to the views of other characters to round them out, as well as the chapter title, summary, and book cover. 

The summary, while it is an overview. It helps to set the stage, the book cover contains a verse. The chapter titles are named in a way that reflects the lead differing ways. Sometimes much more than others. Some titles are a deeper look into them. 

Chapter 4: Two Halves Once Whole

Chapter 13: Selfish Desires

Chapter 17: Darkness Ever so Deep

Chapter 18: Those Who Eternally Sin

Chapter 20: Those Who Embrace Hatred

Chapter 21: Those Who Eternally Resist

Chapter 22: Those Who Seek Revenge

Chapter 23: What Should Have Never Been

Chapter 24: A World in Ruin!

Finale: Final Transmission

Chapter 4 —> You connect the summary to the chapter title. One that was split into two, one half trying to right the wrong that has been done. The other seeking their own freedom. This has a later connection in the second book, mentality wise.

Chapter 13 —> While this covers the over all premise of the series. It nails down that the main is a selfish person.

Chapter 17 —> This here makes it more clear that the lead is someone who treads in the deepest of abyss.

Chapter 18—> This further homes in that the main will continue to sin, trying to grasp their deepest desire.

Chapter 20—> The lead is someone who have embraced the hatred deep within them in order to come so far.

Chapter 21—> The main is someone who will keep resisting, no matter the challenge that comes.

Chapter 22—> They were seeking revenge against someone they had given a light punishment towards. It shows them as someone who does not let go of the past.

Chapter 23—> This has multiple meanings. One of them is that the main never wanted the feud between themselves and their other half. It further shows them as a complex character.

Chapter 24—> Up until this point, keep note with the summary. As well as the verse on the cover. Anyway, this one here builds upon those once again. As someone willing to send the world into a state of ruin. This is confirmed in the finale, as well as most chapters before.

Finale—> I use a lot of relation, figurative words I suppose to say. This here shows the main willing to connect in one more wave, after it is over. They will be mostly putting down their arms. 

There is quite a bit more to the titles, I just gave a rough break down on the thought process. A few readers have surprised me by really diving deep. Which in all reality, I purposefully made it this way. That while you will get the bulk of the story from reading. You will only be able to get the complete understanding by reading the summary, book cover, and chapter titles.

In comparison to my earlier versions, I made it a lot easier to understand. As well as left multiple ways to connect these points, which the story itself also contains help in fitting together these clues.

Re: Is it better to add titles to your chapters? Or not?

I prefer chapter titles because they make it easier to keep track of where I'm up to when reading. Scribblehub is good at tracking where you're up to so it isn't as much of an issue here, but for those of us who publish/read on multiple platforms, that can't be relied upon.

Chapter titles can also be funny, interesting, or intriguing, depending on the author/story voice, making the story more memorable.
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