Re: Looking for comments/feedback swap (no review)


Jim Wrote: I'm going to be travelling later tonight, but I'm going to have some comments for you by Monday!

ItsKHere Wrote: Hey there! I'm happy to help out :)

Here's a link to my current fiction:  Isekai Butler | Royal Road

I'm happy to read your fiction and give you a comment on each chapter! And as you said, if I like your story, I'll give you a rating too!
Interesting premise! I'll start reading it later tonight.

Re: Looking for comments/feedback swap (no review)

Noticed this- jumping on for the premise. I have a series with several interlocking systems...but because I'm still not at the surface/interacting with them, most of the other system's designs are in lore excerpts at the start of chapters.

It's kind of LitRPG but because I'm trying to keep away from a lot of the more gradual stuff blue boxes and stats are far between.

feel free to read until you get bored or alternatively, give feedback/comments just on all the excerpts which are slightly separate from the story because I'm worried they are dropping in quality. I've made 24 chapters and of those 24 Excerpts, #3 is my favourite... :/ it would be alot less effort but still appreciated.

Edit: jumped the gun slightly without confirmation. I gotta say I'm now a fan. Will continue to read just because I like the story.