Re: What classic story should be remade as a litRPG?

Urikson Wrote: That's unusual for this site! I have two stories here, a litRPG and a more traditional novel. The former is doing better by several orders of magnitude...
I should explain that I'm a Wattpad refugee, so it's less "rebellion" and more me thinking this is the best place for me to be right now. I don't think my stories or my tastes really mesh well with the majority, but it's not like it's awful to be here. I've found quite a bit of success here.

Besides, just cuz they're a dominant genre doesn't mean it's the only genre, y'know? Then again, that's RR's niche, and I have to respect a site that sticks to what it does well.

Re: What classic story should be remade as a litRPG?


sunandshadow Wrote: Is this a humor thread, given the first example?  I'd consider the question seriously if someone wanted to do the equivalent of "pride and prejudice with zombies" or just a "game of the year" style fanfic.
Now I seriously feel like writing Pride and Prejudice and Power Ups or A Tale of Two Stat Screens. Maybe Gone with the XP. 

Edit to add: "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a player in possession of high XP must be in want of a wife."