Re: What time is good for updating chapter...

To add onto what the guy said earlier, there is no "One special time". Since different people are on at different times, while there may be fluctuations overall, these are not very significant. Any time is as good as the next. But if you post at the same time each day, then eventually the same people will see your thing over and over and you won't be reaching many new people. 

That isn't to say you won't reach anyone new, but rather that the chances have decreased. 

And the final thing I will say is that it's difficult to gain a reader following. I remember being a hundred chapters into my story and having 20 readers maybe with no comments, no reviews, barely any ratings, etc. It's really hard to gain a big following. And it's really easy to fall into a trap of looking at the big stories and thinking "Why don't I have as many followers as this!?"

It's because that story is one in a thousand, or even a million which was lucky enough to be displayed on the front page to everyone. And relying on luck like that is nothing more than deluding ones self. 


Re: What time is good for updating chapter...

I don't think it matters what time of day you post it's all about writing something that people like. As for my self I come to learn that I'm writing this story for myself and to my self and others decide to read it with me well that's cool to but I ffibd I probably read my story more than anyone on here does and I view more times then I have people willing to read through one chapter before driving it. If your not writing your story for your self but for people than stop doing that and write it for yourself it really has help my own motivation after I began switching my mindset around and it maybe unoriginal thinking but hell it's the best type of clechie cleshi can give even if I'm failing how to spell that world right now so horribly