Re: I Review, you Shoutout.


Alaqi Wrote: Since you have come to this post I take that you are interested in what I have to say.

Long story short: I take a look at your fiction, read until I feel appropriate, and then review it. All you have to do? Shoutout my fiction in your next chapter after I review yours (on the author notes).

I won't be asking for unreal shoutouts saying that my fiction is great and perfect and whatnot. I just want realistic shoutouts. You can read a bit of my fiction and create a shoutout based on your own impression of it. I won't be bothered unless you insult my fiction or fail to correctly identify its type (for example, you won't say my fiction is drama or horror) (must include the link btw)

If you don't feel like reading my fiction, here is a standard shoutout you can just copy-paste:

"Maker of Power is a classic dungeon-delving fast-paced LitRPG story (for now), with a slightly more powerful MC than the usual norm. Expect third-person view, classes, skills, levels stats, and for the beginning, wanna-be stars desires of all the presented characters (they are kids after all). It is still in the beginning but it is going to change dramatically over time."

I will be doing the reviews by order of appearance. I am more inclined towards fantasy than horror or drama but will try to make an effort. In case I decide not to review, you will receive a PM from me, and I will not be asking for anything. (I won't be changing the order of any list due to any reason because that is corruption (or so I call it))

Requirements: minimum of 20 average views, 160 total views, 20 pages, and 3 followers. (If you beat all these requirements I don't care how much you have above them, your treatment will be the same as all others)

Long story long: I am going to take a look at your fiction and read until I feel like it. If I do not want to review it after seeing a bit of it, I will send you a PM saying why I won't review it. Can be just an 'I don't want to' or an 'I don't like it'. If I decide to review, then I will send you a PM when I finish reviewing it. All I expect in return is that you post a shoutout to my fiction on your next chapter author note. If I decide not to review it, then you do not need to shoutout or do anything.

That's it. If it meets the requirements, I will just add it to the last list and send you a PM. If it does not, I will just ignore it.

I am a slow reader and may take more than 1 day for each fiction! Reading is not all I do, and I will not be limited to only read one fiction to review at a time. I will only analyze if I am going to review your fiction once it arrives at the beginning of the line! 

DO NOT POST THE SHOUTOUT BEFORE I REVIEW YOUR FICTION! (unless you want to, in that case, I will not be obliged to review your fiction)

Reviewed List:
Misadventures Incorporated

Not Reviewed List:
Reading List:

To Be Read List: (predicted waiting time for the last fiction to transfer to 'Reading List': 10 days)
Adventuring with my unorthodox talent
The Gate of Shadows
Valkyria Heart: A modern fantasy
King: The Silver King's Echo
For Irision
Thick as Thieves
Echoes of Infinity
Wild Meridian

Hi, I fulfil the requirements, and I have no problem with doing a shout out.

My story is in the signature.

Cheers Nick