Re: Youtube channel where I review webnovels (MakeItWrite)

I have a youtube channel where I review chapters from fiction, predominately webnovels. I've already reviewed several lesser known stories on Royal Road, but now I'm also including reviews of the more popular RR series as well. 

Starting off with 'The Perfect Run', reviewing chapter 1. I'd like to update this thread each time I have a new review for a story that's on Royal Road. My aim is to share what I find to be the lessons learned from a good (or possibly bad) chapter, and overall giving my first impressions and thoughts. 

So yeah, check it out if its to your interest! 

Playlist of reviews:

Re: Youtube channel where I review webnovels (MakeItWrite)


Borchard Wrote:
Zearth Wrote:
Borchard Wrote:
Zearth Wrote: Reminds me, I still need to read your work.

No need yet. I'm working on the first arc of my series which I'll be uploading on RR eventually. But there's nothing I have to share of it right now.
Ah. Alrght.
Btw, how do you find the second chapter?
 Of Descent? I haven't read anything other than the first chapter so far.
Ah, alright.