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Howdy folks, I'm JMWebb, and it's a pleasure to meet all of you.

Here's a little about me:

I've been writing for a while, and have written a lot of short stories and poetry. Recently I decided I wanted to write a book, so I came to RoyalRoad. A few people recommended I check this place out, and it looks pretty neat.

In terms of what I like to read: I am a big fan of Paradise Lost and Frankenstein. Those are probably my two favorite books. I recently read The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon, which I liked. I'd recommend it to anyone. It's not too dense, and it's a self-contained fantasy story that moves rather quickly. 

I really love stories about Paladins, clerics, and warlocks. I love the relationship between a deity/patron and the MC. It's a really interesting dynamic you don't get in a lot of things. I'm also a SUCKER for older protagonists!

Hope to see you all around.

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Welcome! You said you'd written a lot of shorts, is this the first time you'll have written a longer piece?

Here's my usual copy-paste advice. A lot of it is related to visibility on RR, but there's some other useful things too.
  • Visibility in RR is pretty decent, but don't expect lots of readers straight away. Readers here like longer works so the longer you've been posting the more readers you'll pick up.
  • Don't dump any backlog all at once, really you probably don't want to post more than one chapter a day, because that gives you maximium exposure via the latest updates page. But honestly you want a release schedule you can keep up without burning out. Readers like a consistent schedule. So be realistic about how much you can write, it doesn't matter how fast/slow that is, being consistent is most important imo.
  • Readers tend to be pretty quiet as well. So if you're specifically looking for feedback maybe head over to the reviewing subforum to organise some comment swaps.
  • Otherwise just nosey about the forums. Lots of social and writing discussions. Also the recommendations subforum has lots of good reads narrowed by specific tastes. Also there's a subforum within it for self promo.
  • Here's Gej's handy guide to RR's rep system.
I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

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JMWebb Wrote: Thanks for the advice regarding visibility! This is my first time writing long pieces, so I'm honestly just happy if a few people like them.
No problem. And I like your goal.

The reason I asked if you'd wrote longer pieces before was, if you hadn't, to say to not to beat yourself up if you don't finish it. I'm not trying to be patronising, but writing a fiction is a lot of work and there's no shame in taking your time or admitting that you need to start over or if you don't finish. Heck, I've tallied up the number of projects I've started and abandoned and my completion rate is shockingly low. 😅

But, that's what the forums are for. There's plenty of people here who're willing to help and offer advice.

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meteoraguy Wrote: Welcome, JMWebb! Hope you're enjoying the community so far. And thank you for the review. It was completely unexpected, but I really appreciate it.

I wish you all the best with your fiction. I'll have to check out your stories sometime.


Thanks :) ! It's a fun read so far, hopefully I'll be caught up by next week!

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Good to see a fellow cow puncher on board! I tip my stetson to you sir!

And may I say your reading choices are quite enlightened. Frankenstein is one of my all time faves as well. I think you'll fit in just fine here, these'r good people. 

Also, I read the first few chapters of your story and found it mighty interestin', keep up the good work partner!