Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed

The voting system and  'Hot' list have been removed. 

This was mentioned in an update to the original blog post (, but since I wasn't sure how many people would notice it, made this thread so people would be aware and copied and pasted the updated below:
Quote:UPDATE 5 July 2021
Looking at the results and additional statistics we've collected, we are removing Hot and the voting system - it's been showing up some interesting results, but ultimately the result is so close to a list simply sorted by unique views that it's not worth keeping a list that achieves more or less the same, but at the same time giving more reason to cheat or nag the readers to authors.

That is not to say that the result is useless. We've been looking at the collected data and are working on a new list that gives a more unique slice of the fictions on the site, primarily aimed at stories that are already out of Trending, but not large enough to show up on Best Rated or Popular This Week. It's a difficult task due to the nature of the numbers involved (Trending is giving massive boosts in views, and Best Rated gives massive boosts in most other stats, so it's difficult to work out something that's not biased towards one of these lists) but we are confident that we have reached a good starting point for this and will be able to have something out soon.

We are also considering adding a new list alongside Popular This Week which ranks fictions based on the unique views rather than the total accumulated views. This would put popular stories with fast releases at a disadvantage, so we do not want to simply replace Popular This Week with such a list, but it would result in something much closer to Hot.

Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed

I know some people were getting annoyed, and I am not a fan when I hear the similar spiel on youtube videos. However, I find it much easier to skip that section when it comes to words rather than hidden sections in youtube videos where you don't necessarily know how much of the video to skip to leave it out.

It was an interesting experiment though and I wonder whether there were some stories that had a lot of views that did not translate to votes. And looking forward to seeing what new lists are created.

Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed


luda305 Wrote: Uh, so trending got renamed rising stars and now there's a "new trending" which is supposed to be hidden gems?
Thanks for pointing it out, luda305. And sharing the links. Sounds like the next stage of the "old trending". It seems like good news for people who make it to trending, but wonder if it will provide much of an impact as it seems to just extend their time on a trending list that they will probably eventually also fall off of to make way for the newer stories, much like old trending.

Still, additional exposure for stories is good and like that the site is still trying new things to make it easier for authors to more easily find new readers and for readers to find good stories.

Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed


luda305 Wrote: This is still relatively fresh. 

So, does anyone have any idea why the new Trending is limited to 50?  It's not really a ranked list that you can cheese your way onto (like the new Rising Stars), so I'm not sure why it's limited.  If it's something I might fancy, but buried under other gems, why only 50?
I think it is a ranked list though? And I'm pretty sure any kind of ranked list can be cheesed into. If people knew the formula or its key components and some people can be pretty smart about figuring these things out.

Though not sure why it is limited to 50. Since it draws from a larger pool than the new stories, it seems sensible to me to make the list larger too.

Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed

Nobody would vote for newer books so its not a fair system. It would be a better IDEA TO HAVE PEOPLE VOTE ON OLD NOVELS IN THE TOP / TRENDING IF THEY DONT RECEIVE VOTES THEY ARE REMOVED FROM THE TRENDING / TOP RATED BOOKS; this will allow people to see more books as if they don't reach or match the tops their book is knocked off for a new or trending book to take its spot regardless of its followers and views this would allow more authors to receive some advertisement and promotion the people who are writing books and having a hard time competing with the old top hitters

Re: Voting system and 'Hot' list removed

Runeificent Wrote: Nobody would vote for newer books so its not a fair system.

Well, I don't know what people would do. But we did see what people did do while the experiment was running, and people voted for new books. New books were significantly better ranked on the hot list than with the popular this week list, (And that is even with advertising due to the new list already also boosting numbers on the older lists).