Re: It has finally happened. Do I just suck it up?

Ha! I had something similar happen to me. I wrote my into, got several chapters in, then had someone nice who joined back in like 2017 leave me a nice 5 star rating. It really made my day. Yes, my book starts a little slow, but that is just because I want the story to have a view of who my MC was before everything changed. Then out of nowhere with no reason my rating dropped from a solid five to a three. 😬 No reason, no critique or dear John letter, just pow! I had yet to figure out analytics so I had to mentally guess how badly someone thought of my writing. 
But here is the thing though... I don't write these stories to please anyone. I actually write them just because it is really awesome for my brain and I really do enjoy rereading it again later. So, while the low occasional stars are not enjoyable... They don't really harm me much. 
Now, those 5 star ratings? 🥰 They make my day. More then that the comments that are actually about the chapter and not a cut and paste "thank you", those are cool. 
So yeah, I had three low ratings right at the beginning writing my story on here. You don't need to worry about it. Just keep writing and creating your dream story and it will come back up. Mine is happily back up to 4.5 today. 👍
Looks like everyone was awesome! 😄