Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

As you craft a world for your story or stories, where do you find inspiration coming from?  I don't necessarily even mean intentional inspiration, but rather when you look back on what you've created, where do you go "oh, I can see where that came from!"

For me my main inspiration comes from the Elder Scrolls and Dishonored games, but in some areas I was definitely influenced by my love for LEGO's original Bionicle run.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

I've mentioned it before, but I love talking about it. My world was truly inspired by the media I consumed as a gamer.

The original idea for my story came from the anime/Light Novel Log Horizon. But there was a lot wrong with the worldbuilding that I just couldn't work with (I still recommend LH, but I can't write fanfic of it). Namely the overskills and the lack of treating the world as a real MMO (only the main characters apparently get stupid strong abilities and all the millions of other players apparently don't do stuff).

The base world and crystal-themed magic system comes from Gaiaonline's zOMG! Anyone who knows what the Null Chamber is will easily recognize Caer Siddi by my cover art alone. The story only briefly touches on it, but the "masquerade system" is Gaiaonline's Avatar System. It's heavily implied that many characters are wearing items that are non-functional layered over functional items for appearance reasons (part of this does draw from FFXIV's glamour system, but both were sources of inspiration).

The player classes were inspired by League of Legends and Overwatch, primarily. There's a sprinkling of Fate/Stay Night in there as well. 11 classes, 3 roles. Each class fills a given niche and those can be expanded upon with subclasses. One example is the Berserker class, which is inspired by both Tryndamere from LoL and Berserker from Fate. This tank class was designed around kiting and players get the highest HP and HP regen of any class at the cost of penalties for wearing armor. They also have high movement speed and dashes to make kiting easier.

The cast themselves were largely based on my experiences as a gamer and my friends. The dialogue is sometimes clunky, but I feel it's realistic to how actual gamers would interact with each other and the world. There are other inspirations for things, but those are the big ones.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

Originally, Cosmic Heroes was largely inspired by Universal Century Gundam in its earlier, prototype drafts... or rather I should just say world building text documents. It used to go by some titles like Mobile Troopers, which were the colloquial term for Mobile Suits, and was basically larger in scope than Gundam was, on a more galactic scale that expanded as years went by.

Eventually, after I finished watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes in early 2019, not much remained of Gundam's influence other than the concept of O'Neil Cylinders, and the idea of mobile trooper/mobile suits was dropped for mainly space naval battles and fighter-based combat like you might expect in Star Wars/LotGH.

The most noticeable influence I'd say is the premise; Humanity nuked itself in the 26thish century and what remained of civilization in SEA and Australia unified into one political entity and spent the next few centuries partially terraforming and colonizing a portion of their Orion Arm. Other than that, I'd say it has its own identity for the most part.

My oneshot Psycho;Writer was inspired by a combination of Madoka and Death Note, and I guess to some extent a hint of Chainsaw Man, but I haven't been able to explore more of the universe since I'm focusing on the Saga fiction.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

My current project (not yet on RR) is inspired by...

· World War 1 and the era of development leading up to it.
· French "Japonisme".
· Firearms research.
· The Three Colors trilogy of films.
· An intentionally loose understanding of the story "The Aleph".
· Monet and other Impressionist painters.
· Libertarian Belief and the American / French Revolution.

As for the less... academic influences...

· It has a magic system inspired by Little Witch Academia's "a believing heart is your magic".
· Some of the situations the protag finds herself in are inspired by Lupin the Third.
· The Gravity Rush games inspired the French setting.
· The world being parallel to ours is inspired by Touhou lore.
· There is a doll character like the Plain Doll in Bloodborne.
· Architecture inspired by Revolutionary Girl Utena.

There's loads more but I'll keep it at that for now.
Don't expect me to be done with it for a while, though...

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

For Mirefall it came from walking through the woods after they'd flooded a bit. The tannins of the dead leaves seep into the water, creating a melting-rainbow effect almost like an oil slick. I was like "oh shit that looks magical," at which point I started thinking about what kind of magic it might have and in turn, what kind of world that might lead to.

So basically, a puddle. I got the concept from a puddle.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

Lots of places, I came up with the concept for one of my cities when I saw one of these things rising out of the Atlantic Ocean. I always knew I wanted to create an semi-underwater metropolis, but that was what made me decide on a gritty, polluted, industrial city at the height of a wartime economic boom. Also oil rigs, FEMA workplace safety training courses, and that one YouTube video about ∆P incidents. I kind of pull inspiration from everywhere, though, and if I think something is cool enough I'll probably work it in somewhere. 

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

The idea for Descent has some roots in an RP Discord called "Sherydale" (Allu, don't fucking kill me for this if you're on RR.) The setting was a city of the same name in the US, where Elementalists lives. From that, I developed the unique power of Heat Energy Manipulation, and one day, years later, I got a dream of some guy running away from someone or something.
That was the original inspiration for Descent, and since then, that original inspiration had to be rewritten due to how cluttered it was, which leads to the current Descent, still having running from something, but with the cute twin.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

I got most of my inspiration from Mage Errant, and old DnD campaign I made and the Spellmonger series.
Still Mage errant is the most influential as anyone who has read both works will probably notice.
But the world and "lore" of the world is mostly based on an old DnD campaign I wrote with far to much vigor. 

Still it probably has countless more influences as I believe that anything we spend enough time to read will inevitably influence us.

PS. I most certainly did not chose to "start" with this work because the setting is easy to write about and relate to. ><    

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

I find that a lot of my inspiration come from the comics and anime I watch. Neil Gaiman has definitely influenced a lot of my style, mixed with what I loved about Micheal Crichton's world building, alongside the way Edgar Allan Poe writes gripping mental states. We can also add a lot of anime, and foreign films have influenced my writing style as well. I realize that a lot of my ideas and concepts come from my fascination with spiritualism and its beliefs like the Indigenous beliefs, and Shintoism, as well as Buddhism. A lot of them are not even necessarily organized religions, but more like ways of life. Ways of protecting your Earth. Ways of Protecting yourself. I always find myself sprinkling these things into my fantasies whether it be modern or medieval.

I am also a huge history nerd, I love learning knew things and love adding those things into my world. In fact if anyone ever wants some neat little facts about medieval hairstyles, medieval medicine, even medieval cities I'd be more than welcome to share.

As for intentional inspiration, for my current project, I will definitely say - that it actually started off as a spite project because of an anime/manga series that I desperately dislike and feel like it doesn't hold up today. And it became an entire high concept, criticizing many things that I find wrong, distasteful, about the crime genres and horror genres in general. I am technically a horror writer who delves into fantasy, but it is nice to go back to my roots. But I have a lot to say about the genre that I once loved, that carved a path for horrible takes. 

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

I drew a lot of inspiration for the demons in my story from Silent Hill - where demons have a strong psychological tie to environment/protagonist. 
The techo-fantasy style of the world has a strong FF7-8, X12-13 influence. 
Though I'm told fans of various series can find something familiar in the story from anime and series that they were fans of. I had an avid Buffy/Angel fan pick out names that were used in the series - and despite my telling her that William was chosen long before Buffy was a series - she wanted to believe what she wanted to believe. Serenity - the name of one of the towns, she attributed to Firefly. Which is awesome - but also not true. I chose Serenity because of the Sea of Serenity, which may have been something I read when I was younger, but had to do with an ancient sea on the moon.

My stance now when readers ask if X influenced my work - I just tell them they're right. They usually don't want to hear otherwise.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

For the world itself Dragon's Dogma, the magic system and where magic comes from I can't really think of where I got it, I guess the use of magic had a bit of inspiration from Eragon. 
The other races started off from Devil May Cry 4 when Nero was introduced as a character, the monsters names I made up, the monsters themselves are similar to that of the monsters you would find in Dragon's Dogma as well.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

For me, inspiration for my fictional world normally comes from watching some anime, movies, playing video games, and listening to music. Also, I love looking at nature photography as well as ethereal-looking photos of different countries and festivals for scenes in the novel. These help me get a feel of what kind of cities or towns I want to implement into my fictional world too. 

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

Ahh man, I remember.
It was 2015, and I was sitting in what was essentially my High School's glorified version of Study Hall. The New Horizons probe had just reached Pluto and we were receiving the images in real time.
My friend and I were talking, both excited about the new images, when we started to wax hypothetical. Keep in mind, this was also around the time that Elon Musk and SpaceX and the privatization of the space industry was really breaking its way out into headlines.
Essentially I thought:
"What if private companies colonized Mars, and they wanted to claim their own independence?"
I ended up writing around 120,000 words before realizing the story was going to be about 200,000 words and no publisher in their right mind would ever take that on as a debut novel, so over the course of time "Book 1" has become "Book 7" and I'm currently releasing the finalized chapters of the actual book 1 after a failed attempt at trying to get it traditionally published (which is fine, because the whole series is set up in a way that it's three trilogies and the beginning of each trilogy can function as a debut novel with how they're written).

And then from there I've created a few other settings and story plots that create an interconnected and expanded universe (though if I'm being honest, "universe" is a bit of a misnomer), but in the end it all whittles down to "What if Mars declared their independence from Earth?"

Now I just have to write it all, and when calculated out, if I can write a book a year, I'll have it all done after about thirty years.

Someone shoot me.

Re: Where did inspiration for your fictional world come from?

A lot of the general lore for my setting has definitely come from D&D as a whole, given that I've been playing it for something like... 10+ years now, I think? In addition to just fantasy as a whole, anime as well. A more specific aspect of my setting is the presence of dragons as gods. There were a few details that led up to that - one is the "gemstone dragons" from early editions of D&D. I don't remember too much about them, just that they were primarily neutral-aligned dragons based on gemstones, I always just thought they were cool and they weren't really used again in recent D&D editions. In addition to that, there was conversations my husband and I had about the implications of gods being real in fantasy settings. Long story short it led to the idea of how things would revolve around gods that are actually physically in the world, so now I have dragon gods that hang around and boss people around. You know, as dragons do.