Re: Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

I've been on this site now for a couple of months now, lurking and reading through all the amazing content you're posting and thought it might be time I said hi.
The fantastic content here on Royal Road has inspired me to put pen-to-paper for the first time, and I finally submitted my first chapter of a story called The Great Continent.

The story is about a young man called Florian, who wakes up in a place unknown to him with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. It starts out a bit dark but the aim is to make it into an epic adventure spanning across a great continent, hence the title.

Once again, thank you all for the work you're doing! I look forward to reading more great content in the future, and if you have any tips or tricks for me I'd love to hear them!

Re: Hi everyone!

Welcome! It seems a lot of people get inspiration to write their own stories when reading, but kudos for doing it and taking the leap to share it.

Here's my usual copy-paste advice. A lot of it is related to visibility on RR, but there's some other useful things too.
  • Visibility in RR is pretty decent, but don't expect lots of readers straight away. Readers here like longer works so the longer you've been posting the more readers you'll pick up.
  • Don't dump any backlog all at once, really you probably don't want to post more than one chapter a day, because that gives you maximium exposure via the latest updates page. But honestly you want a release schedule you can keep up without burning out. Readers like a consistent schedule. So be realistic about how much you can write, it doesn't matter how fast/slow that is, being consistent is most important imo.
  • Readers tend to be pretty quiet as well. So if you're specifically looking for feedback maybe head over to the reviewing subforum to organise some comment swaps.
  • Otherwise just nosey about the forums. Lots of social and writing discussions. Also the recommendations subforum has lots of good reads narrowed by specific tastes. Also there's a subforum within it for self promo.
  • Here's Gej's handy guide to RR's rep system.
  • Writing a fiction is a lot of work. Don't be disheartened if you hit a block or stumble. If there's specific questions that are getting in your way, ask away in the forums. A lot of projects never see completion, so don't beat yourself up if that happens. It's all experience and there's only one way to get it. So write what you enjoy.
I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.