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Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

Hi/Hello/Or other equivalent greetings paired with a colloquial newfangled pronoun that appealed to your target audience (preferably something relatable or straight plucked up from urban dictionary).

Affectation, something that exudes cheeriness (even your story is a mood, especially if your story is a mood).

One-liner description of who you are. No, not your real self, your cherry-picked, relatable self. Something along the line of students, readers, gamers, office workers, stay-at-home mothers, someone that dredge themselves on 8-5 by choice, any occupation, inclination, or whatever in-group that caught their emotional response before their intellectual response, anything that makes you fell into 'one of us' instead of 'one of them.' Why do you think politicians started to dress in casual clothing? People want someone awesome that they could project themselves toward (even if they themselves obviously don't have any qualification to be).

Synopsis/Introduce your story here:

Insert something relatable. Either something the audience could surrogate into, likely to be interested into, or an obvious plot device that differs your story from the thousands other on the site. If all else fails, a good cover will help. In order of selling: Sex, a human being awesome and edgy with a good background (male), a human being cute with a good background (female), a human being cute but also badass and also with a good background (female), an allusion of your story that makes your audience thinks they're clever, something so awful that people couldn't help but click it (drawn with a 2b pencil or Ms. Paint), any good cover you commissioned an artist, any good cover you use in fair use (read: not please contact me if you want to be taken down), and any good cover that Google said matched your keywords

Link to your story (because, duh)

Closing Affectation (something that reminds the audience there is a human being behind this line of text that obviously trying to sell them stuff. Either repeat the same opening affectation's mood or be passive-aggressive (in a cute way!) so they got guilt-tripped into reading your story, win-win either way)

Some form of gratitude (even though you don't feel like it or feel they don't deserve it. It doesn't matter. People gave their time of day, a whole two minutes. Two minutes of their life to read your ads. Even Youtube only asked 5 seconds. That kind of sacrifice deserves thanks dammit! What? You revised this stuff twenty-eight times and it took you three nights to finish it off? Well, so do the rest of the people who wants their story known!)


Hi, peeps!

I like to introduce you to my new awesome isekai story! It contains twists! And science!

So I've been a longtime reader of the fantasy genre, like long long, supeeeeer long. Maybe ten years, twelve years? I don't know. Does Aesop count? Should it be? Well, if you count only the isekai stuff, then the ten years something should be about right. Anyway, I thought, well, it's about time I write something, right?

Thus, I present to you (drum roll please!)

Tales of Unlikely Wizard!


So what is it about you may ask?

Well, it's about a young man (age undisclosed due to gender equality) who got isekaied! In this brand new world of grand expanse he was blessed with cheats, got to live in a mansion, something something PTSD, and able to use magic! Awesome, right?!

Anyway, if you guys want to give it a try, here's the link (you could also click the cover, or the banner in the signature, there's a lot of places you could click, you could even click it here, or here, or even here. Please click. Please.):

Thank you for reading my story! Your reading (even without following or rating it*) means a lot to me.

*Wink, wink

P.S Yes this is a self-plagiarism with my self-promo thread. I'm not writing this awful cringey stuff twice. My soul felt like a muck as it is. Anyway, plz read.

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Tales of Aeora
By Brett Palmer

Read the first two chapters on Royal Road,
or the entire, beta collection at our official website, World of Aeora

Follow Medeva across the world of Aeora as she flees Ratio-res and her husband, the leader of the Society of Alchemists. With this first look into the world of Aeora, readers are sure to be delighted with the depth of worldbuilding and relatable characters -- as well as a mix of prose and poetry set for the postmodern age. 

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Awakening: Prodigy
The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man and left humanity's scattered survivors trapped in an endless battle for survival.
That's a battle Council Academy all-star Seth Wright learned the hard way, barely surviving his first encounter with demonic entities. Now aware of the peril mankind faces, he's desperate to learn what he must to defeat them - but the only person willing to help him is veteran demon hunter Astral Daamon, and only so she can pursue her own investigation into corruption within the walls of the Council Academy.
But what they uncover together is far more terrifying than mere conspiracy - challenging everything Seth thought he knew about fighting demons. Beneath the foundations of the academy itself, an ancient and malevolent evil is stirring from its slumber - and unless Seth is willing to sacrifice what he believes could protect humanity  from annihilation, this demon will rise and devour everyone he cares about.
Seth is being forced to weigh the lives of his classmates against the fate of humanity. When the moment comes, will he make the right decision?

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I have two ongoing stories on RR. Hope you Enjoy!

The Sealed Planet
Synopsis: A Vyrnian out of time, the mystery of the sealed planet, and the adventure full of terror and danger. It all started from Earth.

George Atmell was an aspiring dragon rider who had no luck finding a partner, at least until he stumbled upon a mysterious 'ruin'. Little did he know that this ruin was in fact a spaceship, and in it, a lone Vyrnian, an alien race that resembled Earth's wyvern, woke up and changed George's life forever.

However, Earth was never the adventure, for George was inadvertently taken to a setting beyond his planet, along with the dangers and horrors he would encounter with his 'wyvern', Domel Arcturus.

Follow the story along with several characters giving their own perspectives of the situations they were involved in. Featuring an ensemble cast of characters from various points of view. Written in First Person Perspective.


Light Bane
Synopsis: It all started with the adventure at sea...

Hans Rezmirn had always wanted an adventure, and he found it. He met different people, but most importantly, he met many friends and people he would learn to trust. One, in particular, was a dragon he saved from her own sadness, and gave her hope.

But the end of their adventure was only the prelude of an adventure that would test them more than just strength. A new threat is coming for them, and no one would be prepared for it.

They would learn how not to trust the light....

Follow the adventurers in a fictional world where rules of magic and cultures, along with geographical locations and technology were entirely their own. Enjoy the story where dragons rule the sky and beyond, along with protagonists who were not entirely human in appearance and race, but relatable all the same.


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A Hero for This Dragon:

He is the son of the emperor of all dragons.

She has her soul imprisoned inside of an indestructible armor.

Each came to this world against their will, but they now need to find each other and work together to face the looming threats that are approaching.

The young dragon and the hollow knight.

They can't save themselves, but perhaps, they can save each other!


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My story is called The [Bookworm] that Couldn't Read 

It is a lighter Litrpg, 

Synopsis : Vesper's excitement is palpable on his 15th birthday, the day he chooses his path. When he roles some unsavory options Vesper is pigeonholed into a class that spirals him down into a conflict that is way over his head. How will Vesper navigate and make sense of the world with his new class and recover the part of him that goes missing?


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If anyone wants to travel back in time and relive those fun-filled school days with friends, the pranks and the feeling of reminiscing, you may want to give my story- A Student...Like You- a try.

And if anyone would rather go for not-so-long stories, may I present my collection of short fiction; from microfiction to 6000-word short stories- 50 And Above.

The links are present in my signature.

Thank You!

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Every child in every town has heard adventure’s call

songs and stories of the hero, known and loved by all

but every now and then a stubborn child will come along

who will not rest until they’ve been the hero in a song


But what awaits the child who chases dreams until their end

those who challenge fate with every day they have to spend

would they know the questions to the answers which they find

what of all the family and friends they left behind


Should this be a tale of good and evil, or of fate

choices made in moments lost and battles won too late

somewhere on the hero’s path he might just go astray

maybe it’s a simple song to those who know the way

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After the Silver War, America was forced to change. Now consisting of various micro-nations, each land live to their own.
From the dazzling city of Neo-York to the frozen Tundra or overgrown Gator.

These shorter stories will tell epic tales of technological advancements. Or goofy investigations. It could bathe in war and sorrow.
Or dance with joy and possibilities.
Easy to jump youself into and with an ongoing podcast where I read these tales.

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Try out my novel, A Single Card, here!

Current progress (as of July 26): 57 chapters in. Many, many to go. About 2–4 a day—I’ve been busy the last few days, but things are settling back down now. :)

Anyways, here goes the synopsis:

In the Ithular Universe, everybody had Cards—things that, when they started to Manifest, would become actual, well, things. From the most straightforward ones, like tools and animals, to the more abstract concepts, like intelligence or speed.

One thing remained true: that everybody would be born with multiple cards, cards that would then Manifest into many different objects or ideas.

In the year 12,217, a terrible war swept across the entire universe. Nobody knew why and how it began—and nobody knew how it ended, either. Every child born that year was transported 200 years into the future by some unknown force.

One particular child, born that year, had the same fate.

The special thing about him? He only had one Card: the System.

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Arthur ward is a young man who has made some big mistakes. living a life of wrong for the right reasons does not necessarily justify the actions he's done, as he comes to learn through the payment of a price too high to even consider. And yet Arthur was not the one to pay it.
Plagued by indecisision and guilt, Arthur falls into the chasms of despair and depression, trying to come to terms with the consequences of his actions. His friends tell him that it wasn't his fault, his therapist that he should leave the past behind him and his collegues that he can change nothing. But Arthur knows better. No one knows what he's done, afterall. No one knows the life he's lived. 
But just six months after the loss that would change his life forever, Arthur is given a second chance. The world has changed; evolved and with it came the intangible and esoteric enegy of ether. As well as the system that governs it. With new rules to live by and a path to redemption before him, Arthur now has a way to right his wongs. At least he thinks so. Afterall, nothing is quite impossible when you can rewrite reality itself.
Arthur will do anything to bring his sister back.

The story does start of a little slow but it gets a lot better as it goes on. 

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The Last Philosopher is a high-fantasy story with heavy-handed attempts at humour.
It revolves around the world of Huom and some of its quirkier inhabitants.
It’s the first book under the subtitle, Nothing is Everything.

It's been called imaginative, funny, and unique. People have even gone so far as to say it's like a combination of Tolkien and Pratchett. My response to that, is to go hide under the covers for a week with embarrassment.

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(Ongoing) Complete Fantasy Trilogy.

Deadwood meets The Vampire Diaries in this tale of brother versus brother and blood-magic set in a gaslamp fantasy world.

Llew has a gift. Her body heals itself from any injury, at a cost to anyone nearby.

Llew’s father disappeared when she was eleven, leaving her orphaned, as far as she knew.

Since then, Llew has learned to survive the streets of the gold-mining town of Cheer – full of opportunistic men and desperation. It’s a hard existence made tougher when her so-called friend accuses Llew of murder, sending her to the gallows.

Llew’s Aenuk ability to absorb life means she doesn’t stay dead for long, but she does leave a trail of death behind her.

Escaping the hangman’s noose sees Llew fall into the hands of Jonas: the man with the knife and the Karan power to kill Llew’s kind. If Llew can nurture the attraction he has to her, maybe she can keep that knife from her heart.

But lurking in the shadows is Jonas’s half-brother, Braph: the man who has learned to combine Aenuk and Karan powers into infinite and addictive magical potential.

Healer's Touch is a fantasy novel flavored with a wild west setting, steampunk-like technology, enough romance to draw you in, horror to keep you hooked, and just enough sex to keep things spicy. 

The story continues in Warrior's Touch and concludes in Magician's Touch.


1,144 pages. Currently inconsistent chapter uploads as I'm a mother of small children and I've caught up to myself, but striving to complete in next month or two.

Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

The Flight of The Draykes: A system-based western sword and magic fantasy with elements of gamelit and eastern cultivation. It is a novel that would have 1500+ chapters and as of now, it has 90,000 words/53 chapters posted already with more on the way.

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Action, Adventure, and sprinkles of Romance and Comedy.


Protos is the land of the blessed. Its inhabitants are of many different races but most of them have diminished in the long wars against the beasts that also inhabit Protos. This has led to humanity becoming the dominant species and eventually, all other races, including the beasts, have been banished to pockets of land where they survive on meager existences. 

However, Protos was destined not to be peaceful as the inhabitants could only fight off the beasts with the help of warforce. A bloodline system that allows them to activate their war potential and battle fiercely. Now, with the beasts defeated and the other races diminished, Humanity - having no common foe to fight turned upon itself for war was in their blood and their blood was again shed in rivers.

As the years passed, Kingdoms and Empires rose and fell and eventually stabilized into an uneasy peace until - 300 years ago, the world went through yet another change.

A change where the wielders of warforce now possessed additional powers that had been lost for millennia. These powers changed the face of war again and conflict which was dying down reignited madly.

In this world was born Faustus Drayke, Scion of House Drayke - which in turn was the frontier protector of The Kingdom of Leon.

Fate decreed him to be unimportant.

His Destiny and the desperate prophecy of a powerless girl decreed that he will be an immortal.

Set in the backdrop of betrayal, honor, and loyalty - Follow the tale of Faustus Drayke as he forges his destiny and becomes an immortal.

For himself, he has to fulfill the prophecy.

For the world, he better fulfill the prophecy.

P.S - The first 6 chapters are legacy chapters which are literally the first few words I have written for a novel in my entire life. The chapters from chapter 7 onwards are in a drastically different style and improved quality.

I hope you check the novel out and I hope you enjoy reading it!


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