Re: High Quality Bromance Stories?

My fic is in my signature and I think might be what you're looking for -- the central focus is the complex relationship/friendship between the two most important characters, a death mage (the MC) and a prince with time and wind magic. Takes a few chapters before you meet the prince, just a warning; you meet him in chapter 23 (177 chapters published to date on RR, so pretty early on).

Re: High Quality Bromance Stories?


Ariana Wrote: It is not from Royal Road, but ithink that The Lies of Locke Lamora is what you are looking for. 

There is a bit of bromance in my story, or I like to believe so, between the MC and his bestie but it ts not the main focus of the work.  peocrying

I'll second this! Probably one of the more famous male friendships in modern fantasy. And if you read the sequels, I'd argue that it *is* a main focus.