Re: A (free review) deal. Capiche?


John Wrote: Like many others in this wretched pit, I am a lowly author seeking basic validation. You are most likely also the same. I say we cut ourselves a little deal.

I am the scum of the earth. A hive of villainy condensed into a single person. And thus, I will review your fiction and be entirely honest. No word mincing. I'll try my best to point out problems. Feel free to disregard everything I've said, as this is the worst deal you could possibly take.

But I can guarantee one thing. It's real feedback. No swaps or anything required (though I would greatly appreciate you giving my stupid fucking rock isekai a read!)

I go fast. Expect a turnaround time of a few hours.

Let's do this.

Cry Wolfe, Descent (Short Stories) Recommend? Maybe. Solid 4/5s for RR, probably like a 2-3 on Goodreads.

I Was Summoned To Have Tea With The Demon Lord. (Light Novel-Type Story) Recommend? I hate it. Maybe you'll like it more. It's a light novel. 5/5 for what it tries to do.

The Cursed Heart. (Slow burn Magic School Story.) Dropped at Ch. 16. Recommend? I privately DM'd my thoughts to the author (no hard feelings, I gotta be honest here).

Darke Mag'yx (Comedy Isekai Romp (?)) Read up to ch. 8. Little chance of continuing. Recommend? Yet another Private DM. 

Until the Wayfarer Utters Words (Wholesome Military Thing (?)) Recommend? Read up to Ch. 9. Skipped ahead to see if it does get good. It does get better. Sadly, you've already lost my attention. Requires a heavy round of editing, but has a lot of potential. Private DM'd.

Caninstinct (Beastars Adjacent Slice of Life?) Recommend? Not for everybody. It's a slow-burn and goes on long-meandering tangents. It's a solid 4.5/5 on RRL, could use a lot of improvement, but I see some real potential here. 

Bloodshard (YA romp disguised as a Murder Mystery) Recommend? Yes. It's good. Really good. However, I've spent my entire youth reading Agatha Christie and me and this story get along together like Cesium and water. Would genuinely give this a 5/5 (for RRL standards, maybe a solid 3/5 on Goodreads) if not for that, I'll give it another try later.

Can I ask for seconds or is that too scummy for your taste?