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Hiya everyone!

I’ve been reading on Royal Road for a few months now, and have decided to take the plunge and join the forums and (possibly) write/post a bit of my own writing soonish.

I’m a student at present, and my dissertation is specifically on tropes and narrative patterns in fantasy fiction. I spend far too much time falling down internet rabbit holes (especially TVTropes) haha. It’s a very good excuse to read a lot of the stuff I love. 

Random Royal Road story I’m currently enjoying: The Grand Game.

I really love the unexpected approaches to fantasy and science fiction here on this site. I’m digging the monster and dungeon perspectives, especially. I also have a huge weakness for stories exploring a character getting better at magic through research/experimentation, or otherwise exploring new rules in a new reality. 

So, yeah, that’s me, I guess. :)

Re: Salutations!

Welcome to Royal Road. Lots of great stuff to read here. Those internet rabbit holes get me too. If you haven't already check out the FAQ's under Support to learn more about the site. Being active in the Forums and commenting on stories you read are the best ways to interact with the community. Many lurking readers here have ended up becoming authors so I'm sure that at some point you'll end up posting something. Hope you enjoy reading here and that any eventual stories you post attract many readers. Good luck.

Re: Salutations!


If you do decide to write your own stuff, here's some (hopefully useful) RR advice anyway, mainly geared towards visibility:
  • Get your fiction link(s) into your signature (once approved). There's an auto generate but also some guides if you want to customise it. Someone usually pops in with the link. Also every forum post has a tick box to click to show it.
  • Visibility in RR is pretty decent, but don't expect lots of readers straight away. Readers here like longer works so the longer you've been posting the more readers you'll pick up.
  • Don't dump any backlog all at once, really you probably don't want to post more than one chapter a day, because that gives you maximium exposure via the latest updates page. But honestly you want a release schedule you can keep up without burning out. Readers like a consistent schedule. So be realistic about how much you can write, it doesn't matter how fast/slow that is, being consistent is most important imo.
  • Readers tend to be pretty quiet as well. So if you're specifically looking for feedback maybe head over to the reviewing subforum to organise some comment swaps.
  • Otherwise just nosey about the forums. Lots of social and writing discussions. Also the recommendations subforum has lots of good reads narrowed by specific tastes. Also there's a subforum within it for self promo.
  • If you're short of time (honestly, life gets in the way far too much 😅), text editors on mobile can be super useful for jotting down scene/plot notes/snippets/ideas to come back to later.
I hope you enjoy RR and your fiction finds an audience.

Re: Salutations!

Welcome to your site!

Since everybody is just standardizing their welcomes, I will conform to society
  • Do all the stuff that others say is a good idea
  • See if Gej wants to make you a cover. You can find him on the art thread
  • Try to look on the bright side of life.
  • Remember that comments might not appear instantaneously on your story. We are a quiet bunch.
  • Do what you enjoy. Not what people say you must.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Believe in your own writing, but not to the point of narcissism. Have it be more like a rope, where you dance to each side depending on your mood.
  • Look at this picture of a
  • I hope you enjoy your time here!