Re: What are craziest places to fetch your ideas?

I get ideas from all over the place, but one place I didn’t expect to get so many ideas was: boring classes. If I’m bored in class I find that just enough of my mind is forced to follow along that it frees up another part of my brain which, I dunno, I guess it attempts to ‘fix’ the boring input by turning it into a fantasy idea? I definitely have a few ideas from a tedious linguistics lecture I had to take, and a couple from a class I took on fractal geometry, etc.

Re: What are craziest places to fetch your ideas?

There's some well-known psychological research that people often get their most creative ideas when their minds are refreshed and their emotional state is relaxed. These two factors together create a potent combination --

(1) Your mind is most refreshed in the morning, while the later in the day you go the more tired it becomes.
(2) You're most relaxed when doing something that your body finds calming/comforting, while helping you alleviate day-to-day stress. Best examples including taking a walk or taking a shower.

Unsurprisingly, large number of people report that they often receive their most creative ideas while taking a shower in the morning.

Thought this may interest you =)