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I use Google Docs, which has a very robust dictation tool. I tried it after a friend recommended it, and use it for most of my drafting now. My average words per hour by hand is about 2400, but my average words per hour by dictation is about 5200, so it's much faster. Granted, that requires about 50% more editing time than doing it by hand, but it's a tradeoff I'm happy to make. It lets me write at a speed much closer to my train of thought than I can with a keyboard, and my hands hurt a lot less :-}

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I do! I write using dragon dication. Did it to save my hands. Too many of my coworkers have gotten surgeries for their wrists and I didn't want that to be me.

Sometimes while I'm writing it feels like my voice is different than the sections done by typing... but looking back on old written words I can't tell the difference.

It takes some getting used to and there is some clean up involved. 99% accuracy still means one out of a hundred words is messed up. I'm probably at 94% because I don't like to fuss with profiles and training, but it's still worth it.

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ArgyleInsect Wrote: My average words per hour by hand is about 2400, but my average words per hour by dictation is about 5200, so it's much faster.

Damn, that makes me want to know more about how you are writing. ~1500 words take me two days lol.

If it wasn't for your hands, would you go back?

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Tinim Wrote: Does anyone here write using dictation software?
If so, why? Why do you prefer it over ‘traditional’ writing? What made you try it in the first place?
I'm really curious about your experience in that regard.
(Excuse me if this post belongs in the software section)

I experimented with it. I wrote 3 chapters in my book Wakiagaru by using a voice recorder. I felt very awkward and out of place, but I think if I continued to do it, I would get very good at it. It's EXTREMELY fast. Way faster than typing. I like the idea of dictating and then doing a once over edit as draft 2. If for some reason I come to a point where typing several hours a day becomes too much for me, I'm breaking out the voice recorder. It's a very good way to "write" in my opinion.

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I've given thought to it. Tried it a time or two in the past to help with the dyslexia. However, I'm not a huge fan of it. It takes me too long to think of the words to say than it does take for me to think of words to type.  It just seems like I'm added one more layer in the brain processing department. Not to mention, I tend to garble words when I speak just as much as I do when I'm writing.

Like all tools for accessibility, usually the built-in is too simple and good I suppose if you don't have anything else. But, the apps and programs made for something is already better. The only thing on the market I know of is Dragon Speaks but, I don't want to pay for something I'm not sure I'll like given using Win 10 diction is frustrating at times. Granted, the current iteration is better than it was in the past.