Re: Brand new and looking for feedback!

Hi all! 

This is my first foray into writing on royal after hearing about the site a while back. 

I was quite nervous to post my story but figured, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained! So here I am. 

I’d love to hear about how other peoples first experience posting went so if you’re up to it, you could share that with me. 

Anyways, it’d be awesome if you could check out my story and possibly give me feedback on it. 

I’m excited to give this all a go! 

Re: Brand new and looking for feedback!

Welcome to Royal Road. Gej is currently harvesting rep-otatoes so I'll provide some advice. To add a link to your work to your signature you can use this link That helps most if you're active in the Forums. To learn more about the site check out the FAQ's under Support. Readers here can be quiet so including a note in your chapter notes asking for feedback or engaging in comment swaps (in the Reviewing section of the Forums) can help.

I was also quite nervous the first time I posted my work. It took time to get readers, but it was a wonderful experience to know people were actually enjoying something I created. I hope you have a similar experience and that your work attracts many readers. Good luck.

Re: Brand new and looking for feedback!

Welcome to Royal Road. It is always nice to see another author here. Do not be concerned about fitting in. You will find a community of writers who will help you and critique you, and be as nice to you as you are to them.

When I first posted my stories online, I knew I needed help. I asked for it and I instantly found an amazing number of good writers who were not only interested in my writing, but were interested in me as a person too.

I'm sure you'll find the same to be true for you. ❤😸❤

Re: Brand new and looking for feedback!

Welcome! I lucked out when I first uploaded my fic to RR. I got a reader who commented on every chapter, which is rare on any site. Tbh though, it all depends on what you ultimately want to get out of it.

Here's some (hopefully useful) RR advice, mainly geared towards visibility:
  • Get your fiction link(s) into your signature. There's an auto generate but also some guides if you want to customise it. See the link Parker provided. Also every forum post has a tick box to click to show it.
  • Visibility in RR is pretty decent, but don't expect lots of readers straight away. Readers here like longer works so the longer you've been posting the more readers you'll pick up.
  • Don't dump any backlog all at once, really you probably don't want to post more than one chapter a day, because that gives you maximium exposure via the latest updates page. But honestly you want a release schedule you can keep up without burning out. Readers like a consistent schedule. So be realistic about how much you can write, it doesn't matter how fast/slow that is, being consistent is most important imo.
  • Readers tend to be pretty quiet as well. So if you're specifically looking for feedback maybe head over to the reviewing subforum to organise some comment swaps.
  • Otherwise just nosey about the forums. Lots of social and writing discussions. Also the recommendations subforum has lots of good reads narrowed by specific tastes. Also there's a subforum within it for self promo.
  • If you're short of time (honestly, life gets in the way far too much 😅), text editors on mobile can be super useful for jotting down scene/plot notes/snippets/ideas to come back to later.
I hope you enjoy RR and your fictions find an audience.

Re: Brand new and looking for feedback!

btw i am a bit of a roleplayer, i write as my personna, the wise dragon my stories, the first time i posted a story was one of the best days of my life, when i noticed people read it I was ecstatic, believe me it does not matter if you do not get manny views early on but write and they shall come.

I am also a beginner, we all started like that, even the one who wrote "the wandering inn" or "iron teeth" here started small, believe me this journey on the royalroad is going to be fun, want some advice? You may ask me, but by using the forums you can get answers and advice from many and more experienced people.

ps: if you can get someone to comment about slight writing errors then you should take their advice, i have not had time to correct everything in my book yet but advice from others can really help sometimes.